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The undergraduate global public health majors offered by the CGPH are new and embody an innovative approach to undergraduate education. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will be helpful as you explore options for your undergraduate studies.  Of course, if your question isn't answered below we hope you will contact us to learn more.


The schools and respective majors offering Global Public Health majors are:

  • College of Nursing (both traditional and accelerated programs)
  • Silver School of Social Work (Global Public Health/Social Work)
  • Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development (Global Public Health/Applied Psychology; Global Public Health/Food Studies; Global Public Health/Media, Culture, and Communication; and Global Public Health/Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • College of Arts and Science (Global Public Health/Anthropology, Global Public Health/History, Global Public Health/Sociology, and Global Public Health/Sciences [Biology, Chemistry, and Pre-health]).

The Global Public Health major will be an option on the Common Application. The professional schools (Nursing, Steinhardt, and Silver) ask that you apply to a department at the point of admissions. Students in the College of Arts and Science must declare their major by the end of their sophomore year. 

Common requirements across the participating schools and departments are the core courses in Public Health:

  • Health Policy in a Global Context
  • Biostatistics for Public Health
  • Epidemiology for Global Health
  • Health Policy in a Global World
  • Environmental Health in a Global World
  • Undergraduate Experiential Learning in Global Public Health 

Specific major requirements include approximately six courses in a pre-existing discipline major, two courses in either global public health and/or the participating department, foreign language (exact requirement varies by school and major), a one-semester study away experience. Check your department and school websites for specific requirements to pursue the Global Public Health major.

Today's global environment affords numerous opportunities for people with diverse training to find a satisfying career. Students completing one of the NYU GIPH combined majors will be prepared to pursue a variety of careers in not-for-profit, government, and social service agencies. Other opportunities can be found either in the U.S., with agencies providing international health services and programs (e.g., USAID), or abroad. The Wasserman Center for Career Development and the Global Institute of Public Health will be resources for students wanting to enter the job market.

Most graduate programs in Public Health (Masters) do not accept undergraduate courses to satisfy their graduate course requirements. The expectation is that at the graduate level, you will need to show broader and more sophisticated competencies in the subject matter, above and beyond the undergraduate competencies you currently have. The NYU global public heath majors will provide excellent preparation for further public health study at the masters and doctoral levels (we encourage you to visit the GIPH MPH and PhD programs for more information).

In addition, the global public health majors were designed to prepare students for further graduate work in the combined discipline (Anthropology, Applied Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Food Studies, History, Media, Culture and Communication, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics, Social Work, and Sociology) as well as professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, law and business.

So, as a graduate of one of the undergraduate global public health majors, you will be uniquely prepared for a variety of career and professional paths.

The College of Global Public Health will serve as a nexus for global health activities at NYU. In conjunction with school and department staff, the CGPH will coordinate the academics of the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral majors. The College will sponsor talks, conferences, and other events that highlight the Public Health initiatives occurring in the Global Network University. It will also lead research initiatives that take advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of Public Health in a University positioned on the global stage. While major-specific advising occurs at the school and department level, students will be part of the CGPH family. You will be invited to attend lectures and events, have access to CGPH faculty and mentors, and provided with resources and opportunities that will advance your  learning and professional pursuits.

All students in the NYU College of Global Public Health Undergraduate Program are expected to study abroad for one semester. Under special circumstances, a student may request to waive this requirement. To apply for a waiver, a student must complete the Study Abroad Waiver Application and submit it to his/her home school advisor.  If approved, the advisor will submit the form to the CGPH at for review.

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