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The GIPH Research Affinity Group Network Challenge

Letter of Intent Due: Recommended

Proposals Due: 3/1/2015

This award provides supports projects that focus on research in a global setting and in collaboration with a NYU Global Network University (GNU) site/partners. The work should strengthen the scientific evidence base applied to the following key global public health areas:

• Environmental health
• Global mental health
• Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
• Public health policy, and
• Reproductive/sexual health including HIV

The award seeks to encourage global partnerships that will provide a foundation to address important research questions within these global settings and that will potentially lead to the development of funding from external sources. Program and processes can include but are not limited to: intervention, screening, training, data analysis etc. for a targeted population, or convening of scientific meeting(s) on a key topic that results in a defined deliverable such as a larger grant submission, white paper, methodological advancement or other scholarly product.

A collaborative approach to the process is integral. The assumption is that the research cannot be implemented without participation by both the principal investigator (PI) researcher and GNU partner(s). Each proposal must include a letter from the GNU site’s signatory authority outlining its participation and an agreement that the PI controls the data and dissemination.

Criteria for evaluation
• The extent to which the proposed work is clearly focused on one of the seven global public health priority areas listed above
• The extent to which the results will contribute to advancing global collaborations and partnerships in NYU’s GNU network
• Agreement by the proposed GNU partner to participate in the work being proposed (letter of support and collaboration from the GNU site must be included)
• Clear delineation of the role of the PI and GNU partner(s) in conducting the work
• Significance and potential for advancing the field of study and enhancing the translation of theory to practice
• Innovation in approach, methods and concept
• Well-specified research problem
• Feasibility of the conceptual framework, plan and methodology
• Experience and potential of the project investigator to conduct the proposed research
• Dissemination plans

Eligibility and Restrictions
• All GIPH faculty (full, joint, clinical, affiliated, associated) members and GIPH Affinity Group Members are eligible to apply
• Applications must include a partnership with one of the NYU GNU partner sites
• Investigators may not have received GIPH Global Challenge funding in the past 2 years
• If funded the GNU site(s) may receive funds directly from the Award in accordance with New York University’s Controllers Division Business Expenses Policy 1.3.
• Money cannot be used for faculty salaries
• Awards may not exceed 12 months without prior approval

Budget Guidance and Restrictions:
• GIPH intends to fund an estimate of 1-2 awards within each affinity group, corresponding to a total of $30,000 for each group.
• All necessary costs must be listed in the budget template provided. Funds may not support faculty effort. Although not limited to, costs may include: IRB costs, research supplies, travel, hourly student time, participant payments, consultant costs, meeting costs, and honorariums.
Please note that if there are human subjects included in the proposal, we cannot award funding until NYU has granted human subject approval. GIPH Grants Manager must receive a copy of the UCAIHS approval before the release of funds. Information about Human Subjects can be seen at

All investigators must provide a one-page progress report to the GIPH Office of Research within 60 days after the completion of the funding cycle. We may ask recipients of Awards to present findings at a GIPH research forum.

Letters of Intent for all proposals are due February 4, 2015
Submit full proposals in one PDF electronically by 5:00PM, March 1, 2015 to:

Good Luck,

Cheryl Healton
Dean, Global Public Health and Director, NYU GIPH

Ann Kurth
Associate Dean of Research, NYU GIPH

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