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We invite prospective master's students to submit questions to our team of student ambassadors to learn more about their firsthand experiences as students in our program. The students below are available to correspond with prospective students and are happy to answer questions about the program from their perspective as enrolled students.

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Student Ambassadors

Disha Chander

Program: MPH in Global Health

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Supriya Lal

Program: MPH in Public Health Nutrition

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Logina Mostafa

Program: MPH in Public Health Policy and Management

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Sabina Shakya

Program: MPH in Public Health Policy & Management

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Sallie Yassin

Program: MS in Biostatistics

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Supriya Lal - MPH in Public Health Nutrition

Supriya is a second-year student in the Public Health Nutrition concentration. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, she moved to the United States with her parents as a child and has lived in 4 states prior to her time in New York City. A true native of NYU, she completed her B.S. in Global Public Health/Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Social and Public Policy from NYU in May of 2019 from NYU’s Steinhardt School. After completing this degree, she moved on to complete her dietetic internship from Duke University Hospital in June of 2020. Through these experiences, she has found her passions lie in educating the public about nutrition-related issues, advocating for public health-related social justice, and promoting health as a part of all policies. 

Supriya currently works as a Graduate Research Assistant and Project Coordinator on campus. Through the NYU Nutrition Lab, SAHARA Study Group, and P-FITS Study funded by the NIH, she has been able to hone unique skills related to research and study design. She also works as a contracted Registered Dietitian (RD) through All Access Dietetics, which aims to assist future RDs with gaining placement in dietetic internships and jobs. Additionally, she is a member of the Planetary Health Collective’s Executive Committee, whose goal is to promote sustainable food and climate-related justice. She also serves as a mentor for Diversify Dietetics. 

In her spare time, she enjoys baking, reading, exploring the city by foot, and watching TV.

Current Courses: Applied Practice Experience Seminar, Maternal and Child Nutrition, Food Policy, Biostatistics, and Assessing Community Health Needs. 

Schools attended: New York University (2015-2019), Duke University (2019-2020)

Work Experience: All Access Dietetics, Foods of the Vine, McSilver Poverty Institute (NYU).

Career plan: Supriya would love to learn more about the intersection between public health, public policy, and nutrition. Ideally, she would work to integrate healthcare and nutrition education into more public policy and advocate for greater nutrition education in schools. 


IG:  @SupriyaLalRD

Sallie Yassin - MS in Biostatistics

Sallie Yassin is a second-year MS in Biostatistics student. She is from central New Jersey. In 2019, she graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Public Health and Sociology and a minor in Mathematics. After taking an intro Biostatistics and Epidemiology class during undergrad, she realized that this is the career path she wanted to follow. During her undergraduate career, she began interning at the Measurement, Learning & Evaluation lab at NYU, and now she is a Research Assistant in that same lab. She also works as an administrative aide at NYU Stern. She is especially interested in how societal equalities contribute to adverse health outcomes, and she is interested in the link between mental and physical illnesses. 

In her free time, Sallie enjoys hiking and going to stand-up comedy shows. Her favorite TV show is Bob's Burgers. 

Schools attended: NYU, Bachelor of Arts in Global Public Health and Sociology, Minor in Mathematics

Current Courses: Epidemiological Methods and Design, Thesis I, Regression II: Categorical Data Analysis, & Psychometric Measurements and Analysis

Career Plan: Sallie plans to pursue a career that combines biostatistics and epidemiology in a research-based setting. She hopes to conduct research that focuses on how societal inequalities contribute to adverse health outcomes and on the link between mental and physical illnesses. 


Sabina Shakya - MPH in Public Health Policy and Management

Sabina Shakya is a second-year MPH student in the Public Health Policy and Management concentration, with a focus in Management. Although from Nepal, she was born in Angola and spent most of her middle and high school years in South India. Sabina completed her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Master of Education Fellowship in Community Engagement at Merrimack College in Massachusetts.

Prior to joining NYU, Sabina worked at a national non-profit organization called Single Stop, USA where she managed three public health insurance enrollment programs servicing low-income New Yorkers within the City. Before taking up that role, she also worked at Global Health Corps as an Operations Intern. Currently, Sabina is completing her applied practice experience at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. There she is part of the Office of Health Insurance Services Unit and is involved in coordinating campaigns and supporting projects to promote the Health Department’s health insurance enrollment services. Sabina is also part of the student-led Applied Global Public Health Initiative and is leading an evaluation project with WHO’s Universal Health Coverage Partnership Program. Her interests within public health includes improving access to healthcare, health system strengthening, and program implementation.

In her spare time, Sabina enjoys playing volleyball, making dumplings, and strolling through the city from time to time.

Current Courses: Program Planning and Evaluation, Global Health Governance and Management, Strategic Planning, Applied Practice Experience Seminar.

Schools Attended: Merrimack College, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Master of Education in Community Engagement.

Work Experience: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Single Stop USA, Global Health Corps

Career plan: Sabina hopes to pursue a career where she can design and lead health programs that improve access to essential health care services on a national or global platform. 


Logina (Gina) Mostafa - MPH in Public Health Policy & Management

Gina is a second-year GPH Graduate student in the policy concentration. She was born in Egypt, raised in NYC, and spent the majority of her adolescence in Iowa. She attended the University of Iowa, where she was highly active as a political organizer while double majoring in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, as well as Global Health Studies. She co-founded the school’s first Planned Parenthood student organization, co-facilitated workshops as a violence prevention peer educator, volunteered as an abortion doula, and worked as a student public health researcher for a project focused on the eugenic legacies of state-sponsored sterilization.

After finishing her Applied Practice Experience as an intern for the NYC DOHMH's Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit, she went on to work as a Clinic Engagement Associate for New York City Teen's Connection (NYCTC), a project of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Her current work focuses on expanding adolescent access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services. She also recently began volunteering for the New York Abortion Access Fund as a Case Manager and Advocacy and Organizing Committee member. 

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and spending time with cats. Her favorite show is Avatar the Last Airbender, her favorite Museum is the Rubin Museum of Buddhist Art, and her favorite book store is The Strand. 

Schools attended: The University of Iowa (2015-2019); Double major in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, and Global Health Studies 

Current Courses: Applied Practice Experience Seminar, Justice in Health and Healthcare, Global Mental Health, and Program Planning and Evaluation. 

Work Experience: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NYU Preprofessional Advising, The University of Iowa College of Public Health, The University of Iowa's Women's Resource and Action Center, NextGen America, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

Career plan: Gina is eager to continue utilizing and developing her research and advocacy skills in order to advance reproductive justice and healthcare access. Her long term goals include advocating for equitable, evidence-based policy that addresses barriers to comprehensive reproductive health care.


IG:  @ginamostafa13 

Disha Chander - MPH in Global Health

Disha is a second-year student in the Global Health Concentration. Born in Hyderabad, India she completed her Bachelors in Technology from Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT) in Biotechnology. In her undergrad, she worked as a Quality Control Analyst for the Indian Government inducted Universal Immunization Program for children under 5years of age.  She has also worked for Bharat Biotech International Ltd in India, for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project on vaccines.

She is currently the Co-founder and Co-President of the International Student Society(GISS), Graduate Student Leader at NYU Center for Student Life, Cohort Captain for Global Environment Health Program and has also worked as the Student Orientation Leader. Disha’s summer internship was at The Access Challenge where she worked as the Program Assistant Intern for the One by One: Target COVID-19 initiative- a coalition driven campaign supporting the work of the African Union, the African CDC and the World Health Organization, Africa Region to combat the spread of Covid-19 in Africa. Disha is a Referral Volunteer at ContraCovid, New York, that works towards helping Immigrant and Latinx communities attain Critical Social Services during the pandemic. She also works as an Emergency Data Relief Intern at Broadstreet+ Covid-19 Data Project, and as a Research Assistant at the Implementing Sustainable Evidence based Interventions through Engagement(ISEE) Lab. Her interests lie in improving equitable access and comprehensive care for all. She hopes to work towards strengthening the capacities and resilience of vulnerable communities along with building an efficient health infrastructure for emergency disease preparedness.

In her leisure time, she enjoys traveling, cooking/baking, blogging her experiences and watching sunsets

Current Courses: Public Health Policy and Management, Applied Practice Experience Seminar, Global Environment Health and Financial Management for Public, Nonprofit and Health Organizations

Work Experience: The Access Challenge, Broadstreet+Covid-19 Data Project, ContraCovid

Schools attended: VIT University, Vellore, India

Career Plan: Disha plans to pursue a career where she can design, evaluate and implement interventions and strategies that address health disparities within the population, strengthen the resilience of health systems and promote equitable access