Ukraine: Public Health at Risk

Join us to hear from four NYU faculty experts who are closely following the invasion in Ukraine from the perspective of public health. Panelists discussed the risks to health as hundreds of thousands flee their homes in Ukraine to neighboring Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia during an ongoing pandemic and radiation levels rise at Chernobyl, now under Russian control. 

About the Speakers

Dr. Jack Caravanos, Certified Industrial Hygienist and Clinical Associate Professor of Environmental Public Health Science, NYU GPH.
Dr. Peter Navario, Executive Director, HealthRight International, which, since 2005, has operated continuously in Ukraine, with more than 100 dedicated Ukrainian nationals as staff, working to strengthen the public health system and increase access to quality health services in every region.
Dr. Anne O’Donnell, author, historian of twentieth century Russia and Assistant Professor at NYU College of Arts and Science. Her research focuses on the Soviet Union and its successors, history of the state, cultures of economic life and urban history.
Dr. Danielle Ompad (moderator), Associate Professor of Epidemiology; Associate Dean of Education, NYU GPH

HealthRight International is a global health organization that empowers marginalized communities to live healthier lives. They have operated in Ukraine continuously since 2005, with 119 dedicated staff (all Ukrainian nationals) working in every region to strengthen the public health system and increase access to quality health services. Since 2016, they have provided housing, health care, and social support to over 125,000 people affected by violence in and around the occupied territories. Learn more about their work at