Faculty Chats on Facebook Live

Faculty Chats on Facebook Live

Join us on Facebook Live as we chat with Faculty members from the College of Global Public Health. Just as the field of public health is interdisciplinary, our faculty are making an impact with their groundbreaking research on a variety of fronts―from environmental hazards and disaster recovery to malnutrition and systems building, from evaluating global mental health to using statistics to investigate the social determinants of health.

The Future of Tobacco Research

We speak with Professors David Abrams and Raymond Niaura about emerging trends in tobacco research, and their work as faculty facilitators in the NYU GPH Tobacco Research Lab.

Women in Public Health

In celebration of Women's History Month, we spoke with Melody Goodman, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, and Danielle Ompad, Associate Professor of Epidemiology about career advice for young women in the Public Health field.

Agent Based Modeling for Public Health

Professor Joshua Epstein and Master of Public Health student Harman Deep discuss their work in the Agent Based Modeling Lab.

Trending Topics in Bioethics

We're joined by Chelsea Rosenthal, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow, and Jordan MacKenzie, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow at the Center for Bioethics at the NYU GPH. We discuss trending topics in public health, medical and environmental ethics.