The globally immersive Cross-Continental MPH program will lay a solid foundation for any public health professional. The courses chosen will provide students with an Epidemiological focus but students will also be able to select Global Health electives of their choice. 

From learning in the classroom...

MPH Core Courses (18 credits)

GPH-GU 2106 Epidemiology (3)

GPH-GU 2995 Biostatistics (3)

GPH-GU 2140 Global Issues in Social Behavioral Health (3)

GPH-GU 2190 Essentials of Public Health Biology (3)

GPH-GU 2153 Global Environmental Public Health (3)

GPH-GU 5110 Health Policy and Management (3)


Required courses (10 credits)

GPH-GU 2686 Thesis I Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences (2)

GPH-GU 2687 Thesis II Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences (2)

GPH-GU 2450 Intermediate Epidemiology (3)

GPH-GU 2930 Epidemiological Design & Methods (3)


Group A (6 credits)

Two of the following courses will be offered:

GPH-GU 2920 Biostatistics: Regression & Multivariable Modeling (3)

GPH-GU 2160 Qualitative and Field Methods in Global Public Health (3)

GPH-GU 2361 Research Methods in Public Health (3 or 4)


Group B (6+ credits)

Two or more of the following courses will be offered:

GPH-GU 2317 Social Epidemiology (3)

GPH-GU 2325 Behavioral and Communication Strategies for Global Epidemics (3)

GPH-GU 2232 Detection and Control of Waterborne Pathogens (3)

GPH-GU 2240 Perspectives in Global Mental Health (3)

GPH-GU 2382 A Systems Approach to Global Food Access (3)

GPH-GU 2220 Building and Leading Global Health Organizations (3)

GPH-GU 5410 Results Focused Strengthening of Health Systems in LMICs (3)



GPH-GU 2346 Migrant Health and Social Integration in the Mediterranean (3)

GPH-GU 2349 Program Planning and Evaluation (3)

GPH-GU 2274 Nutrition Epidemiology in Public Health (3)

GPH-GU 5210 HIV/AIDS from a Global Perspective (3)

GPH-GU 5230 Global Non-Communicable Disease Epi and Control (3)

GPH-GU 5288 Perspectives on Migrant Health & Human Rights (3)

GPH-GU 5320 Data Utilization in Public Health Practice (3)

GPH-GU 5380 Data Driven Decision Making in Global Health (3)

GPH-GU 5420 Monitoring and Management of Public Health Programs (3)

Not all courses will be offered each semester and students may be required to enroll in select concentration or elective courses.

MPH Required Zero Credit:

GPH-GU 5171 Global Health Informatics Workshop (online)

GPH-GU 5175 Readings in the History and Philosophy of Public Health I (online)

GPH-GU 5180 Readings in the History and Philosophy of Public Health II (online)

GPH-GU 5185 Readings in the History and Philosophy of Public Health III (online)

Florence learning outside of the classroom.

Sample Course Sequence (2018-2019)


Academic Calendar

Summer 2018


Sunday, June 10

Arrive NYU DC

Monday, June 11

Summer Session Begins - Orientation

Friday, August 3

Summer Session Ends

Friday, August 17  

Travel to Accra

Saturday, August 18

Arrive in Accra

Fall 2018

NYU Accra

Sunday, August 19

Orientation for Cross-Continental MPH program

Monday, August 20

Fall Session begins at University of Ghana

Monday, August 20-Sunday, August 26

Orientation at NYU Accra

Monday, August 27

Fall Session begins at NYU Accra

Friday, December 7

Fall Session ends 

Saturday, December 8

Student Departure 

Spring 2019

NYU Florence

Monday, January 28

Travel to Italy

Tuesday, January 29

Arrive in Italy

Wednesday, January 30-

Saturday, February 2

Mandatory All-Student Orientation

Monday, February 4

Spring Session begins

Friday, May 10

Spring Session Ends / Student Departure

Monday, May 13

Commencement (tentative)

Students have a choice during J-Term to take an online course, a course in-person at NYU New York, apply for an intensive study abroad course (program fees and airfare is not covered under the CCMPH program), or not take an elective if they choose to take the elective in a different semester.

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