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Student Government and Organizations

You are invited to become a student leader in the GPH community by joining one of our student-run clubs or organizations or starting your own!  This is a wonderful way to become involved in a range of activities - outside of the classroom - with your classmates and future colleagues.

Student Governing Council

The Student Governing Council is the umbrella student organization for all student groups at the College of Global Public Health. The SGC is a group of GPH students (undergraduate, MA, MPH, and PhD) elected to serve on behalf of the general GPH student body. The SGC works to foster a sense of community, promote leadership/professional development opportunities, and oversee the creation of new GPH student groups.

New Council list coming soon!

Student Government Clubs and Organizations

The College of Global Public Health OSAA, as well as the SGC, encourages your full participation in the student life of the College by engaging with one of the groups below. Please reach out to the Office of Student & Alumni Affairs for more information at

Health and Human Rights Association

The Health and Human Rights Association fosters a social justice community and raises awareness of the interconnectedness of health and human rights among students and health professionals, in order to bridge the gap between scholarship, research, policy, and practice.

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GPH Soccer Team

The first year master's students from the College of Global Public Health wanted to create more opportunities to form community with their peers and started a intramural soccer team. The team, Masters of Disasters, are currently undefeated and have made it to the play offs!

The team is also excited to venture into other sports in the upcoming fall!

Contact: Mckenzie E Pickett,

Peer Health Exchange

PHE's mission is to give young people the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions. PHE members do this by training college volunteers to teach a comprehensive health curriculum to 9th graders in low-income public high schools throughout New York City.

Public Health Leaders Organization (PHLO)

PHLO members apply global public health learning outside of the classroom to inspire discussion and service in public health.


The Black and Latino Student Public Health Caucus

The mission of the BLSPHC is to create service projects that can aid in bridging the gap of knowledge among students and members of Black and Latino communities. This group helps to facilitate discussion among students that will allow them to better understand one another and the backgrounds of those they serve.

The Torch

The Torch urges students to get involved in the recent push by NYU and the international community to bring public health to the forefront of the global agenda. This publication accepts original articles, essays, commentaries, research reports, and book reviews from across the Global Network University on health care policy, medical care, education, bioethics, economics, biomedical research, social justice, and beyond.