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All students enrolled in the global public health majors - regardless of school - are required to complete six core global public health courses throughout their time at NYU.  In addition, students are required to take combined major electives as well as a foreign language. Students should check with their home school advisor about specific requirements for their major.

Class Schedules

Spring 2018 GPH Undergraduate Course Schedule

Fall 2017 GPH Undergraduate Course Schedule

Core Courses 

UGPH-GU 10    Health and Society in a Global Context    
UGPH-GU 20    Biostatistics for Public Health
UGPH-GU 30    Epidemiology for Global Health
UGPH-GU 40    Health Policy in a Global World
UGPH-GU 50    Environmental Health in a Global World
UGPH-GU 60    Undergraduate Experiential Learning in Global Public Health

Global Public Health Electives

The following courses may be used to satisfy the elective requirement for the global public health major.  Please note that the relevant electives used to fulfill the requirement may be taken either through the GPH major (starting with UGPH-GU) or through the home school department. 

  • UGPH-GU 15 Introduction to Bioethics
  • UGPH-GU 25 Public Health Ethics
  • UGPH-GU 35 Behavioral Risk-Taking in the Global World
  • UGPH-GU 55 Biopsychological Aspects of Children
  • UGPH-GU 65 Public Health Approaches to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • UGPH-GU 75 From Medical Ethics to Bioethics: Historical Perspectives
  • UGPH-GU 293 Global Medicine and Disease: The Challenges We Face