APE and ILE Courses

What Is the MPH Applied Practice Experience?

The purpose of the APE is to provide you an opportunity to cultivate mentoring relationships with public health professionals through meaningful hands-on work that builds public health competencies, as well as learn how organizations function, how teams operate, and how to interact with diverse groups of stakeholders in the world of public health practice.  

The APE is complemented by a full year of courses, known as the Applied Practice (APE) and Integrative Learning Experiences (ILE) for students in the CHSP, EPHS, GH, PHN, PHPM, and SDG concentrations.

For more information on the internship, please view the APE Internship Guide.

APE and ILE Courses

The Practice Seminars - APE/ILE -  are a complement to the 180-hours of public health practice completed by students. It includes 2 semesters of coursework:

  • The APE seminar broadens students' exposure to public health practice, facilitates valuable work experience, and increases students' knowledge of specific career opportunities
  • The ILE seminar is the final course within each concentration and is designed to ensure that students have acquired all of the competencies promised by the program. Evidence of mastery can take the form of exercises, exams, papers, and reports. 

To be granted access to the courses, students must first identify an Applied Practice Experience (APE) and submit a Practice Learning Contract (PLC). For more information on the process, please visit the APE page. 

How Do I Enroll in the Course(s)?

All students must have secured an Applied Practice Experience (APE) and submitted a Practice Learning Contract (PLC) that has been reviewed and approved by the Office of Public Health Practice before they will be allowed to enroll in their APE Seminar course. For instructions on requesting APE approval, please refer to the Applied Practice Experience page.

Once your PLC has been approved, you will receive an access code to register for the course.