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The internship is an individual applied practice experience completed by students in Community Health Science and Practice, Environmental Public Health SciencesPublic Health Nutrition, and Public Health Policy and Management concentrations of the MPH program.

*Please note: the Internship program will be changing beginning with the class matriculating Fall 2017. Your internship will help you realize your career goals, gain valuable work experience in a public health setting, and make strong connections with leaders in the field.

What Is the MPH Applied Practice Experience - Internship?

The purpose of the APE internship experience is to provide you an opportunity to cultivate mentoring relationships with public health professional through meaningful hands-on work that builds public health competencies, as well as learn how organizations function, how teams operate, and how to interact with diverse groups of stakeholders in the world of public health practice.  

Your applied learning experience can be based in the greater New York City area, elsewhere in the United States, or overseas. Depending on the location of your experience, you can complete your hours during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. 

The applied practice experience is complemented by a one-semester course, Internship: Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences (GPH-GU 2360), which should be taken during the same semester. Students completing their applied practice in the summer will complete the course during the following fall semester.

For more information on the internship, please view our Internship Guide.

How Do I Enroll in an Internship?

Step 1: Select an Applied Practice Experience

First, you will secure an applicable applied practice experience:

The process of finding the right applied practice experience takes time, so start your applied practice search at least one semester in advance. Keep your eyes out for deadlines. We recommend that students identify at least two potential applied practice sites/projects in the event that your first choice falls through.

Note that your current job in the public health field cannot be used for an applied practice experience; if you wish to undertake an applied practice experience at your current workplace, you must identify a project not outlined in your normal job duties and obtain prior approval from the GPH Administration.

Step 2: Submit Your Learning Contract 

To request approval for an applied practice experience, complete and submit a Practice Learning Contract, below by concentration, along with your Preceptor’s CV by the appropriate deadline to the online system by the deadlines below.

For help on what is required in the PLC, please use these Guidelines for Completing and Submitting the Practice Learning Contract

Once your learning contract has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an access code to move on to the next step: registering for your course.

You must be in your final year in order to be eligible to enroll in the Internship: Practice & Integrative Learning course. Also check with your department for any additional prerequisites before enrolling in the Internship course.

Once again, students must secure an applicable applied practice experience, submit a learning contract, along with their preceptor's CV, to the online system before registering for the course. Once the practice learning contract has been reviewed and approved, students will receive an access code to register for the course.

Important Deadlines

August 15: Deadline to submit Practice Learning Contract for a Fall Applied Practice Experience

November 15: Deadline to submit Practice Learning Contract for a Spring Applied Practice Experience

May 15: Deadline to submit Practice Learning Contract for a Summer Applied Practice Experience