Spring 2019 Study Abroad - NYU Florence

Do you want to learn in a global setting? 

Gain real skills in public health?

Immerse yourself in Italian culture?

Broaden your global professional network?

Volunteer in the community, NGO's and global health organizations? 

Ready to challenge yourself?

Apply now to study abroad at NYU Florence in Spring 2019!

Applications are open! Go to NYU Albert >> Other Resources >> Application Center


The following courses will be offered in the spring semester at NYU Florence. Online courses are also available but students must be registered for at least 4-courses with an in-person component. Additional in-person electives will be added. 

GPH-GU 9687 Thesis II: Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences II (2 cr) 

GPH-GU 9360 Internship II: Applied Practice Experience Seminar (2 cr)  

GPH-GU 0930 Epidemiology Design & Methods (3 cr) 

GPH-GU 9920 Biostatistics: Regression & Multivariable Modeling (3 cr)  

GPH-GU 9110 International Law and Human Rights (3 cr)

GPH-GU 9346 Migrant Health and Social Integration in the Mediterranean (3 cr)  

GPH-GU 9274 Nutritional Epidemiology in Public Health (3 cr)

GPH-GU 5180 Readings in the History and Philosophy of Public Health II (online) (0 cr)

GPH-GU 5185 Readings in the History and Philosophy of Public Health III (online) (0 cr) 


Academic Calendar

Spring 2018*

Tuesday, January 30 Upper Classmen Student Arrival
Wednesday, Jan 31 - Saturday, Feb 3      Mandatory All-Student Orientation
Thursday, Feb 1 - Friday, Feb 2 Global Orientations: Italian Culture and Society  
Monday, February 5 Classes Begin
Friday, February 9 Make-Up Day (Tuesday Class Schedule)
Friday, February 16 Last day to drop/add NYU courses. Last day to drop courses and not  receive a "W". Last day of active waitlists.
Monday, April 2 Italian Holiday (On Campus Offices Closed)  
Monday, April 2 - Sunday, April 8 Spring Break (No Classes)
Monday, April 9 Classes Resume
Friday, April 13 Last day to withdraw from a course (with a "W" on transcript).
Last day to declare pass/fail grading option.
Friday, April 20 Italian Immersion Day (Attendance required for all students.)
Wednesday, April 25 Italian Holiday (On Campus Offices Closed)
Tuesday, May 1 Italian Holiday (On Campus Offices Closed)
Friday, May 11 Last Day of Classes; Make-Up Day (Wednesday Class Schedule)
Monday, May 14 - Thursday, May 17 Final Exams
Friday, May 18 Student Departure

*Please note that  each semester there will be one additional Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday class meeting designated on the syllabus through either a required site visit, field trip, or academic lecture.  All calendars are subject to change.

Students that are graduating in New York will depart NYU Florence early.

Tuition and Fees

Study abroad courses do not cost more than courses taken at NYU New York. Please review the GPH Financial Aid costs, and visit NYU Financial Aid and Scholarships if you need financial assistance.

Tuition per point


Registration and services fee, first point


Registration and services fee, per point after first point


Additional costs to consider

 Airfare - roundtrip $800-1600  Local Transportation $200+

 Books and supplies $100+

 Meals  $1200+

Visa Fee $50+ depending on nationality   Non-NYU housing $1500+ depending on type of accommodations 

Geo-Blue International Health is provided at no additional cost to students that study abroad.

Personal expenses will vary person to person.


Florence is a city where you can easily walk or use public transportation to get anywhere. Most upper classman will live off-campus, while a few may reside at the two campus villas, Natalia and Colletta, as Residence Life Staff. All students are supported by NYU Florence’s Residence Life Staff, regardless of where they reside.

Any graduate student interested in becoming a Resident Life Staff member should alert gph.global@nyu.edu once you are admitted into the study abroad program. Resident Life Staff members do not pay for housing on campus, and are provided a single with a meal plan, in exchange for their resident life role and duties. Interested students need to apply and will be interviewed for the positions.


Off-Campus Residences may be described as dormitory-style facilities located in the center of Florence. Residences are high-occupancy living arrangements (meaning a large residence, an entire floor, or an entire building houses NYU Florence students in apartment-style suites with several bedrooms, shared common areas, and bathrooms) and offer specific amenities, including Internet and cleaning/linens service. Bedrooms consist of singles (limited availability), doubles, triples, and quads.

Single Bedroom

1 person to 1 bedroom


Double Bedroom

2 persons to 1 bedroom


Triple Bedroom

3 persons to 1 bedroom


Multi-person Bedroom

4 persons to 1 bedroom


  • Students living off campus cannot enroll in the on-campus meal plan but can purchase individual meals on campus.
  • Off-campus housing is located throughout various urban and residential neighborhoods around the city of Florence, mostly within the historic city walls.
  • Students must use public transportation (one or more buses) to travel between the NYU Florence campus and their living situations. Taxis are expensive but are the safest way to travel at night. Students should budget for these expenses and leave plenty of time for the commute.
  • The Residences are generally in older buildings, ranging from the 13th to 19th centuries, not modern high-rises.
  • Facilities vary greatly since few buildings were originally constructed as student accommodations, as now utilized. Location, dècor, furnishings, appliances, and floor layouts vary significantly from living situation to living situation. Toasters, microwaves, air-conditioning units, dishwashers and DVD players are NOT considered standard amenities in off-campus housing.
  • All Off-Campus Residences have laundry facilities, although some may not have dryers. In most cases the machines are coin operated, and fees may vary from one living situation to another.
  • Sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and basic kitchen utensils are supplied. Students should bring or purchase an extra towel for travel and wash cloths, if desired. Those who choose to bring their own sheets should avoid bringing plain white sheets, as these may easily be confused with those provided by the cleaning company.
  • Students are supported via Peer Advisors and Residence Hall Managers who provide programming, assistance, emergency support, etc.; however, these individuals may not live in every housing location.
  • For phone service, one cellular telephone is issued to each Residence by the Facilities Office. Students are responsible for the care and return of these cell phones, and the phones must stay in the living situation in a space where all students have access. For personal use, most students purchase their own cellular phone upon arrival. To make long-distance calls, many students use a VoIP service, like Skype, or locally purchased international calling cards.
  • A suite may house from 4-15 students, and an entire Off-Campus Residence may host from 4 to 45 students. NYU Florence will only accept roommate requests based upon bedroom type, not larger groupings.

Graduate students also have the option to find their own accommodations while studying in Florence.  Students will still have support from Student Life and must provide the address of their accommodations before the start of the semester.

For more information, please visit the NYU Florence website.


All students are strongly encouraged to get involved with the community in which they are studying - and Florence is no different. NYU Florence students have become very active in the community by volunteering with local organizations. While knowing Italian is very helpful for placements, it is not a requirement.

Recent MPH students have volunteered in the city parks and gardens, UNICEF, La Pietra Dialogues, and have also been Campus Peer Advisers. There is no shortage of opportunities if you are willing to get involved - and some opportunities can even provide payment (for up to 20-hours per week based on visa regulations).

Please visit Beyond the Classroom for more information about opportunities. 

If a student is registered for Internship I, their internship hours need to be completed prior to arriving for the spring semester unless otherwise discussed with the GPH Practice Administrator.

Application Dates

Round 1:  

Applications due October 8
Notification of acceptance October 22
Accept and Deposit October 29

Round 2:

Applications due October 22
Notifications of acceptance October 29
Accept and Deposit November 5

$250 Deposit is non-refundable and covers activities and special events during the semester.


Email gph.global@nyu.edu for more information about studying abroad.

Make sure you speak with your Academic Adviser to discuss your course sequencing.