The capstone is a team-based applied practice experience completed by students in the various concentrations of the MPH program. You’ll work together in interdisciplinary teams on a real-time public health project identified by an international or U.S.-based organization, often spending time working directly in the field.

*Please note: The Capstone program will be changing beginning with the class matriculating in Fall 2017.

I’m really excited for my capstone - I’m going to be in Uganda for two-and-a-half weeks doing feasibility research on maternal vaccine safety in that community. Maternal and child health is very big in public health, especially internationally.”
- Elizabeth Robinson, MPH 2016

What Is the MPH Capstone?

The guiding purpose of the capstone is for students to work together in interdisciplinary teams on a real project identified by a public health organization, such as a UN agency, a national or local government or a civil society organization. You’ll learn about interdisciplinary team development and maintenance, project management, and maintaining effective professional relationships in complex environments.

While a significant amount of work on the project will be done at NYU, most members of the Capstone team are likely to spend from one to three weeks in the field full-time gathering data or conducting assessments for data analysis and production of the final paper.

The capstone experience is complemented by a two-semester Capstone course (GPH-GU 2621 Capstone I: Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences; GPH-GU 2622 Capstone II: Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences).

For more information on the capstone, please view our Capstone Guide.

How Do I Enroll in a Capstone?

Step 1: Complete a Capstone Skills Assessment

First, you must complete a Capstone Skills Assessment by May 1 of the preceding year. In preparation, you are encouraged to attend the Capstone Information Session and the Capstone Final Presentations event normally held during the final week of classes each spring.

Once you complete you assessment, you will receive an access code to register for GPH-GU 2621 Capstone I: Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences.

Step 2: Register for GPH-GU 2621 Capstone I: Practice and Integrative Learning Experiences

Before beginning any applied practice experience, students must have completed at least 12-credits of MPH coursework. In addition to the 12-credit requirement, students wishing to complete at Capstone must have completed the following courses:

Sample Capstone Academic Timeline & Deadlines

Based on 2-year MPH

Spring Year 1

GPH Administrations works to identify Capstone sties and projects

March Year 1

Capstone Information Session I: General Information

May Year 1

GPH signs agreements with Capstone Organizations

May Year 1

Capstone Information Session II: Discussion of Sites/Projects

May/June Year 1

Review and ranking of Capstone projects by students

June Year 1

Capstone project and group assignments sent to students

September/October Year 2

Completion of learning contract between groups and Capstone Organizations/sites

October Year 2

Initial budget proposals to be submitted

November Year 2

Final budget proposals and travel to be finalized and approved

January Year 2

Capstone groups in the field to gather data, conduct assessments, etc

February - April Year 2

Groups analyze data and prepare Capstone paper and poster

May Year 2

Groups complete Capstone paper and present at Culminating event