NYU Music and Social Change Lab



Lab Facilitator: Carlos Chirinos, Director, (MA Anthropology, MMus Ethnomusicology, PhD Development Studies candidate) with GPH Advisor, Julia Cartwright

From the influential work of John Lennon to promote global peace to the active role of Bono in advocating against poverty in the developing world, music artists have played a critical role in fundraising and mobilizing communities for social change.

The NYU Music and Social Change Lab is a hub to investigate, create and incubate social enterprises, technologies and sustainable music businesses that promote economic development and social change

The MSCLab supports innovative ideas that use MUSIC to address some of the world’s most pressing issues to foster and incubate innovative music projects to promote, advocate, and raise awareness about social issues, working with NYU students, faculty and a Global network of non-profit and private organizations.


New York, NY