Advising & Support

The School of Global Public Health is dedicated to supporting you throughout your academic journey. The Office of Student Affairs provides you with program advising related to program requirements and course sequencing, study away opportunities and academic support like tutoring.  Each graduate student also has a faculty advisor/mentor who can provide career counseling, course recommendations, and general guidance.

Academic advising is available for all GPH students at all levels – learn more below on the specifics for your degree program:

Undergraduate Students

Global Public Health Majors:
Undergraduate students completing one of our ten combined majors through your home school, in collaboration with GPH, should plan to utilize your advisors from both schools - your home school advisor for questions related to departmental and school requirements and GPH for questions about global public health requirements such as 
experiential learning requirement, GPH course sequencing, study away, etc.

The Global Public Health Advising Assignments:

College of Nursing

Silver School of Social Work

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

College of Arts and Science

Public Health Minors:
Undergraduate students completing our minor may have questions regarding minor courses that best fit your interests and to how best to sequence them. Feel free to reach-out to your advisor with these questions.

Public Health minors may contact Angelica Anderson, the academic advisor for PH minors, for questions and assistance. 

Gallatin and Global Liberal Studies BA-MPH Dual Degree:
With the many course options available to you, creating a comprehensive program of study is an exciting process for our Gallatin and Global Liberal Studies BA-MPH dual degree students. Ready to work with you as you consider your many options from GPH is Dr. Julie Avina

Master of Public Health Students

Our MPH students are assigned to both a GPH faculty advisor/mentor and a program advisor from the Office of Student Affairs, based on their  concentration. In general, program advisors assist with questions about program policies and procedures, NYU resources, support services and assistance with questions related to academic success and progression.  Students should see their faculty advisor/mentor for career guidance. This two-pronged approach ensures the best experience for you as you navigate your time here at GPH. 

Our student affairs team is made up of:
Julie Avina, Senior Associate Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs

Kristen Bush, Director, Student and Alumni Affairs

Andrea Muraca, Assistant Director, Student Affairs

Angelica Anderson, Program Administrator, Student and Alumni Affairs 

Below is a list of each concentration's Chairperson or Program Director, and the associated Program Advisor. Please note that each student has their own faculty advisor/mentor, who will be listed in NYU Albert in academic planner, along with their Program Advisor. Students who are unsure who their faculty advisor/mentor is should contact their departmental chairperson or program director.

Dr. Rebecca
Betensky, Chairperson
Julie Avina, Program Advisor

Community Health Science & Practice
Kristen Bush, Program Advisor

Environmental Public Health Sciences
Dr. Chris Dickey, Program Director
Julie Avina, Program Advisor

Dr. Bernadette Boden-Albala, Interim Chairperson
Andrea Muraca, Program Advisor

Global Health
Dr. Chris Dickey, Program Director 

Public Health Nutrition
Dr. Niyati Parekh, Program Director
Dr. Joyce O'Connor, DPD Advisor
Kristen Bush, Program Advisor

Public Health Policy & Management
Dr. Jose Pagan, Chairperson
Andrea Muraca, Program Advisor

Social & Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Ralph DiClemente, Chairperson
Julie Avina, Program Advisor

Sustainable Development Goals
Dr. Chris Dickey, Program Director
Julie Avina, Program Advisor

Master of Arts in Bioethics Students

Dr. S. Matthew Liao

Director of the Center for Bioethics

Our MA in Bioethics students are currently advised through the program coordinator, Cassandra Coste, at

Academic Support

The Office of Student Affairs offers you information regarding additional resources available in GPH and across campus designed to assist you as you reach academic excellence. Learn more about academic support services available to you.

Writing Support

The GPH Office of Student & Alumni Affairs collaborates with NYU’s School of Professional Studies to provide writing support and tutoring to GPH students. Current MPH and doctoral students are eligible to receive free one-on-one writing support! If you need assistance with composing papers, proofreading and editing, or need help with grammar, the SPS tutors are happy to assist.

To schedule an appointment, call: (212) 992-9055. Please identify yourself as a public health graduate student and provide your student ID number.

Send any specific questions to:

Biostatistics Tutoring

Prof. Donovan Jones, MA, MPH is our Biostatistics tutor who is available all MPH students. Students may contact him at for office hours, which vary each semester.


Biostatistics academic support will be available on throughout the semester. Please email the instructor prior to each session you plan to attend so he can communicate any unanticipated changes in room or time.

This time will be used to clarify concepts in preparation for homework and exams. Answers to submitted work will not be discussed in academic support sessions. On dates when no session is scheduled, questions will be answered via email or Web video session subject to availability. Attempts will be made to accommodate all requests when no session is scheduled. To set up a Web video session, please email your availability at least 24 hours prior to your requested time slot.

Class Schedule for Fall 2019:

Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at 715 Broadway Room 1203


Download the full schedule here.

Library & Research Support

Hope Lappen is our Life Sciences Librarian from the Department of Science Reference Services, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.

Hope provides reference and research services for Public Health students.

Subject Specialist in:

  • Public Health
  • Environmental Studies
  • Life Sciences
  • Biology
  • Genomics

Students may contact her at