Student Government and Organizations

You are invited to become a student leader in the GPH community by joining one of our student-run clubs or organizations or starting your own!  This is a wonderful way to become involved in a range of activities - outside of the classroom - with your classmates and future colleagues.

Student Governing Council

The Student Governing Council is the umbrella student organization for all student groups at the College of Global Public Health. The SGC is a group of GPH students (undergraduate, MA, MPH, and PhD) elected to serve on behalf of the general GPH student body. The SGC works to foster a sense of community, promote leadership/professional development opportunities, and oversee the creation of new GPH student groups.

2018-19 Representatives

Undergraduate President: Nahiyan Maisha 

Graduate President: Amy Diawara

University Senator:

Undergraduate Representatives: Oishi Goswami, Judy Fordjuoh, Oyinda Abbey-Peter

Graduate Representatives: Malavika Kalarikkal-Puthoor, Anisha Pal, Cole Swartz, Dhawani Shah

PhD Representative: Temitope Ojo

GPH Clubs and Organizations

The College of Global Public Health OSAA, as well as the SGC, encourages your full participation in the student life of the College by engaging with one of the groups below. Please reach out to the Office of Student & Alumni Affairs for more information at

Bioethics @ NYU

Bioethics @ NYU is an undergraduate student-run organization that promotes interest in bioethics outside the classroom. The club is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all of NYU’s colleges and schools. Through facilitated discussion and debate, guest lectures, film screenings, and special events, students are encouraged to consider the multitude of bioethical issues facing our world today.

For more information visit our website and connect with us on Facebook.

Community Preparedness & Response (CPR)

The mission of CPR is to serve as a platform for students to learn about emerging topics in disaster preparedness and response, advance their professional and career interests in the field, and gain specific emergency response and management skills. CPR encourages students of all concentrations to join in our events as we delve into issues encompassing local, state, national, and global emergency preparedness along with the implications for the populations most at risk. Through a series of training events, field trips, volunteering experiences, professional panels, and conferences, CPR aims to foster a community of NYU students with active bystanders skills to respond to emergencies at a moments notice. 

Connect with us on Instagram or by emailing us at

Health and Human Rights Association

The Health & Human Rights Association is a student led organization that aims to foster community around issues of social justice within the New York University (NYU), New York City, and global community . We intend to raise awareness among NYU students, faculty, staff and other professionals  regarding the complete interdependence of health and human rights in order to bridge the gap between scholarship, research, policy, and practice.

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Nutrition Without Borders

Nutrition Without Borders' (NwB) mission is to increase student involvement in domestic and global nutrition issues through advocacy, research, volunteering, and outreach, starting with New York University’s College of Global Public Health (GPH) community. NwB offers opportunities for students of all concentrations to explore their interest in public health nutrition through field trips to local organizations, attendance at nutrition- and food-related conferences, and professional development panels and workshops. Examples of past events include helping to build a hydroponic farm for a food pantry, attending the JustFood conference, and hosting a student internship panel.

Check out our NwB Blog here! For more information connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Co-President Kassandra Jones-

Co-President Chelsea Mangold-

NYU Healthcare Consulting Organization

NYU Healthcare Consulting Organization is a team of passionate, skilled students, energized to gain exposure to and experience in the field of healthcare consulting, policy, and management. We aim to build a strong interdisciplinary team of students that mirrors the complex intricacies of the US healthcare system, who bring their interest in public health to create creative solutions to today’s healthcare problems.This student organization is centered around the career and professional development and relationship building of our members through informational panels, speaker events, and networking opportunities.

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Peer Health Exchange

We are a national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing health equity and improving health outcomes for young people by teaching health workshops in under-resourced public high schools across NYC. Our mission is to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy decisions.

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Public Health Leaders Organization (PHLO)

Public Health Leaders Organization (PHLO) is an organization that aims to change the public health landscape through activism, philanthropy, and leadership. We facilitate this change by working with the NYU community to facilitate academic discussion about public health problems, organizing community service, and leading in advocacy. In the past, events have included participation in marches and protests, documentary screenings, guest lectures and panels, volunteering events, programming to raise awareness about public health issues, and social networking events. Let's see what we can accomplish together. Join the PHLO!

For more information email us at or connect on Facebook.

The Black and Latino Student Public Health Caucus

The mission of the BLSPHC is to create service projects that can aid in bridging the gap of knowledge among students and members of Black and Latino communities. This group helps to facilitate discussion among students that will allow them to better understand one another and the backgrounds of those they serve.

The Justice Initiative

The Justice Initiative is dedicated to advancing human rights by addressing mass incarceration and extreme punishment through a public health lens. This initiative will work with the NYU community and New York City at large to spread awareness and advocate for criminal justice reform. Through community activism and knowledge sharing, we work together to create a fair and equitable criminal justice system.

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Youth Mappers NYU

We are the NYU Chapter of Youthmappers, global network of universities who, in partnership with USAID, use web-based geospatial technology to contribute meaningful data to Open Street Maps. This data is used by humanitarian agencies for disaster relief, community development, public health emergencies, and more!

For more information visit the Youth Mappers website, connect with us on Facebook, or email us at

Mission for Mental Health (MMH)

Mission for Mental Health (MMH) is currently a one of its kind club at CGPH with a sole focus on mental health. Our mission is to engage our fellow students, staff, faculty and the larger New York City community in discussions encompassing stigma, policy and health resources. We hope that our work ultimately leads to a better understanding of the many facets in mental health and begin to chip away at the stigmas surrounding a crucial, complicated aspect of wellbeing.

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Public Health Approach to Drugs (PHAD)

Our mission is to have an open dialogue about substance use and drug-related issues. To see the connection across fields such as public health, social work, nursing and medicine. The aim= to see substance use through many different lenses and to learn about addiction and drug treatments, and how they differ. Also focus on drug stigma, racial inequality and incarceration among those who use drugs. The primary goal is to promote conversation that can lead to positive impact and change.

Christina Marini, President (

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