Please note that GPH will be offering many of their Fall 2020 courses online. However, there are some which are blended (part in-person, part online) and in-person. On the schedule below, you can view the format of each course. Additional information about course formats may be found on the Types of Courses page

Fall 2020 registration began on Monday, April 20th. You can view your exact Enrollment Appointment in Albert. Courses are open only to GPH majors, undeclared CAS students, and Liberal Studies majors for the first week of registration. All courses except for UGPH-GU 60, will open to all undergraduate students on Monday, April 27th.

As of Spring 2020, all core GPH courses (see below) have a pre-requisite of UGPH-GU 10 Health & Society in a Global World (this course may also be taken as a co-requisite with another core GPH course). In addition, UGPH-GU 60 Undergraduate Experiential Learning in Global Public Health, has these three pre-requisites: UGPH-GU 10, UGPH-GU 20, and UGPH-GU 30. If you are a GPH major and you need to take this course in the Spring, please complete this form.

Fall 2020 GPH undergraduate course schedule

Spring 2020 GPH undergraduate course schedule

A step-by-step guide to registering on Albert, complete with videos, may be found here. Questions? Please contact  

Global Public Health Electives

The following courses may be used to satisfy the elective requirement for the global public health major. Elective requirements vary by combined major, so please consult the majors page when mapping out your degree plan.

Please note that the relevant electives used to fulfill the requirement may be taken either through the GPH major (starting with UGPH-GU) or through the home school department. 

**Pre-health courses DO NOT count towards students combined major electives.**  

  • UGPH-GU 35 Behavioral Risk-Taking in the Global Context (4)
  • UGPH-GU 55 Biopsychological Aspects of Children (4)
  • UGPH-GU 45 Controversies & Debates (4)
  • UGPH-GU 26 Ethics and Clinical Practice (4)
  • UGPH-GU 28 Ethics and Identity: Disability, Gender, and Race (4)
  • UGPH-GU 32 Ethics and the Internet: Social Media and Big Data (4)
  • UGPH-GU 85 Ethics and Research (4)
  • UGPH-GU 36 Ethics and Technology (4)
  • UGPH-GU 95 The Ethics of Reproduction (4)
  • UGPH-GU 75 From Medical Ethics to Bioethics: Historical Perspectives (4)
  • UGPH-GU 293 Global Medicine and Disease: The Challenges We Face (4) (Cross-listed with HIST-UA 293)
  • UGPH-GU 158 History of Medicine (4) (Cross-listed with HIST-UA 158)
  • UGPH-GU 15 Introduction to Bioethics (4)
  • UGPH-GU 22 Introduction to Neuroethics (4)
  • UGPH-GU 70 Justice & Health (4)
  • UGPH-GU 52 Medical Ethics (4)
  • UGPH-GU 44 Nutrition and Health During Reproduction, Childhood and Adolescence (4)
  • UGPH-GU 65 Public Health Approaches to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) (4) (Pre-requisite: UGPH-GU 30)
  • UGPH-GU 80 Public Health Entrepreneurial Ventures (4) 
  • UGPH-GU 25 Public Health Ethics (4)