Intervention Optimization Initiative

New Online Course: Introduction to the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST)

This is an online course available to anyone via the Coursera platform – you do not have to be enrolled at NYU or any university.  The course is aimed at intervention scientists working in any area–including public health, education, criminal justice, and others—interested in learning about an innovative framework for conducting intervention research.

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Welcome to the Intervention Optimization Initiative!

Intervention optimization is an emerging scientific field.  In this field ideas from behavioral science, engineering, public health, quantitative and qualitative methods, economics, and decision science are integrated to produce innovative approaches for empirical development and optimization of interventions.

All types of interventions can be optimized, including behavioral, biobehavioral, biomedical, social-structural, and educational interventions.

By intervention optimization, we mean the process of arriving at intervention EASE.  Intervention EASE is a strategic balance of Effectiveness, Affordability, Scalability, and Efficiency.  Intervention EASE is usually achieved via an approach called the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST).  More information about MOST, including recommended readings and training opportunities, can be found on this website.

The goals of the Intervention Optimization Initiative are:

          To promote and support optimization of all types of interventions.

          To establish a community of scholars interested in the science and application of intervention optimization.

          To extend and enhance intervention optimization methods.

          To disseminate and provide training in current intervention optimization methods.

We invite you to explore this website (and hope you will remember it is a work in progress).  

Last updated on 7/6/2021