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Work With UsIf you are a healthcare organization located in New York City that is interested in improving your organization’s tobacco use screening tools and treatment, NYCTT can help. 
In an effort to support healthcare organizations (HCOs), we deploy Practice Facilitators to coach, train, and assist quality improvement teams in managing implementation activities. A systematic review examined practice facilitation studies to evaluate the impact it has on chronic disease outcomes in primary care setting. Results indicate observed improvements for most chronic disease studies (Wang, et al. 2018). Another systematic review indicates that primary care practices are 2.76 (95% CI, 2.18-3.43) times more likely to adopt evidence-based guidelines through practices facilitation (Baskerville, et al. 2012).
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We are located in Manhattan at 708 Broadway on the 7th floor. If your organization is interested in learning more about our resources and opportunities to enhance tobacco dependence treatment smoking cessation efforts or collaborating to raise awareness about smoking and health disparities, contact us at


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