Partnership Timeline

Initial Meeting
NYCTT meets with a healthcare organization to discuss free tobacco cessation health systems change services.

Signed Participation AgreementHealthcare organization and NYCTT determine some areas they would like to collaborate on and both sign a non-binding Participation Agreement. This agreement will also outline the $5,000 mini-grant opportunity. Once signed, the healthcare organization is eligible for an initial $1,000 of mini-grant funding to support tobacco-dependence treatment initiatives.

Baseline Needs AssessmentNYCTT works with the healthcare organization to complete a baseline needs assessment to understand the current landscape of the organization and its tobacco policies and procedures.

NYCTT Develops a Recommendation ReportUsing the organization's Baseline Needs Assessment, NYCTT will develop a recommendations report. This report will outline different policies, procedures, or systems changes that could help improve the healthcare organization's approach to tobacco dependence treatment.

Kick-off MeetingNYCTT hosts a kick-off meeting with healthcare organization's Tobacco Workgroup (which can include clinical staff, prescribers, organizational decision makers, and Quality Improvement specialists). The purpose of this meeting is to set goals with the Tobacco Workgroup, identify a Tobacco Champion, and select and define metrics and benchmarks for success.

Adopt New Tobacco Dependence Treatment Policies and WorkflowNYCTT will work with healthcare organization to create a tailored tobacco dependence treatment policy. We will review the current clinical workflow for tobacco dependence treatment and also incorporate it into the policy.

Schedule and Conduct Clinician and Staff TrainingNYCTT will work with healthcare organization to schedule and conduct trainings to inform all clinicians and staff about new tobacco dependence treatment policies at your organization.

Initiate Electronic Health Records (EHR) UpdatesNYCTT will work with healthcare organization to determine whether there are any EHR upgrades that would improve tobacco dependence treatment procedures and support their implementation. This can include adding treatment intervention prompts, support scripts, order sets, automated referrals to the New York State Smokers Quitline, and more into your EHR.

Create a Tobacco Registry or Other Methods to Track Tobacco Use Among PatientsNYCTT will work with organization to determine whether a tobacco registry would be a useful tool to support treatment, follow-up, distribution of educational materials, and data tracking of patients who smoke.

Track PerformanceHealthcare organization uses EHR and Tobacco Registry data to track patient, clinician, organization, and system performance to provide feedback to clinicians and decision-makers.

Ongoing AssessmentUsing data, healthcare organization will conduct ongoing assessments of the clinic/system and develop plans to address any demonstrated gaps. NYCTT will remain available to support healthcare organization in adjustments to their clinical workflows, policies, or data collection.

Ongoing TrainingHealthcare organization conducts onboarding and annual trainings on tobacco policies, systems and procedures.