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At the School of Global Public Health at New York University , we are preparing the next generation of public health pioneers with the critical thinking skills, acumen and entrepreneurial approaches necessary to reinvent the public health paradigm.

A Message from the Dean About The Importance of Public Health in the Age of the Coronavirus

Around the world, two words are being repeated incessantly right now: salud pública, santé publique, 公共卫生, здравоохранение, folkhälsa.

Public Health. 

In good times, these two words are taken for granted, yet those are the very times when we should be doing all we can to protect it, invest in it and plan for the threats ahead. But human nature inevitably intercedes and competing priorities distract our leaders, policy makers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. 

And yet, as if on cue, when our priorities wander too far afield, these frightening epidemics have the formidable power to refocus us. The Cholera Outbreak in the 1850s-1860s. The Spanish Flu of 1918. The AIDS epidemic. The COVID-19 Global Pandemic. 

These confounding outbreaks wreak havoc with every facet of life.  Public health historians pay close attention to these moments in time because they are teachable moments, forcing our population, public and private sectors to recenter and focus on what really matters - our health.

As disrupting and lethal as these crises can be, they force us to stop, reevaluate and innovate. We are in one of these cultural moments right now and as disturbing as it is to cope with and successfully respond to, I find myself both personally and professionally, experiencing the sheer shock of a global pandemic while simultaneously remaining optimistic and grateful. 

I’m confident that as we get through this crisis, we will once again refocus on the immediate need for a return to expertise, science-based facts, critically-needed research, significant funding increases for our struggling public health infrastructure and long-overdue respect and compensation for our selfless public health workforce, who are fighting for our lives on the front lines of this war.

I’m certain that once we get the story of this pandemic down in our history books and can look ahead, remarkable change is on the horizon for the field of public health. 

We say that dedicating oneself to this profession is more than a career, it’s a calling. For those who work in public health now, thank you and for those young people who will be so motivated by this crisis to answer this call - know that we need you now more than ever. 

Join us and stay well,

Cheryl G. Healton, DrPH

Read official updates from New York University regarding the current status of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on the university community.

Dean's Welcome, Who We Are, Public Health in Action

A Message from Dean Cheryl Healton

It has been said that New York City is “where the future comes to audition.” Unbound by tradition, and much like the innovative and enterprising city in which our home campus resides, our school seeks to reinvent the public health paradigm by applying entrepreneurial approaches to public health crises.

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Who We Are

We employ a nontraditional, inter-disciplinary model to improve health worldwide through a unique blend of global public health studies, research and practice. Innovation is at the core of our ambitious approach, thinking and teaching.

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Public Health Careers in Action

Our alumni are working in 44 countries around the world with local health departments, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations, ministries of health, and multilateral agencies like the United Nations.

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GPH faculty and students participated in CNN's Global Town Hall on coronavirus hosted by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Elodie Ghedin, Professor of Epidemiology, was interviewed on the NBC News segment "Tracing The Origin Of The Coronavirus"

There are researchers working hard to find out where COVID-19 came from in hopes to find a cure. NBC News’ Richard Engel reports from a Singapore lab that believes bats are the source of the illness.

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Robyn Gershon, Clinical Professor of Epidemiology, was featured in a CNN story about the NYC subway system.

"Last week somebody near me was coughing. I took a tissue and covered my nose and my mouth. I have glasses on already, which is good. You know, the way in also is the eyes."

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New in the Wall Street Journal: How Doctors Stay Safe Battling Coronavirus

Dr. Jack Caravanos, Clinical Professor of Environmental Public Health Sciences, breaks down what's most important when it comes to choosing and wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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Public Health Changemakers

Natalie DeGraaf, MPH '13

Protecting the Future of Biosecurity

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Alastair Bitsoi, MPH '17

Contributing to Native American Wellness

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Fabiola Milord, MPH '13

Championing Oral Health as a Basic Human Right

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New STEM designation enables two-year work extension in U.S. for eligible international students

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Public Health Comes to 708 Broadway

Built in 1896 in the Northern Renaissance style, 708 Broadway has long been at the center of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City. Now part of the NoHo Historic District, it has undergone numerous transformations over the decades, the last of which will be the construction of the new home for the NYU School of Global Public Health.

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Fully accredited as a School of Public Health by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) through 2024

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