For Organizations & Preceptors

Students in the NYU School of Global Public Health MPH degree program are helping to discover innovative solutions to epidemics and reinvent the public health paradigm.

By participating as an organization or preceptor in an Applied Practice Program, you will have the advantage of working with our eminent students at the pinnacle of their coursework. They have been immersed in our multidisciplinary approach, gaining action-based learning and applied experiences framed with practical skills, and ready to put their passion for public health to work for you.

What Is an Applied Practice Experience?

An Applied Practice Program at NYU School of Global Public Health serves as the culminating experience for all Master of Public Health students in all ten of our concentrations. The experience is meant to provide students the opportunity to become familiar with the kinds of organizations that put into practice the theory, concepts, and methods taught in the MPH program.

Internships can take place in the greater New York City area, elsewhere in the United States, or overseas and, depending on the student's concentration and scope of work, can be completed year round.

Learn more about the expectations and guidelines for organizations and preceptors below.


Applied Practice Experience for Individual Students (Internship & Thesis)

The Applied Practice Experience (APE) is a component of the culminating experience for students in the following concentrations:

Students undertake this Applied Practice Experience individually at their respective sites. The applied practice experience enables each student to engage in activities that align with their career goals and help them develop skills relevant to future employment in public health. Students engage in coursework to support this experience.

Expectations & Guidelines for Organizations and Preceptors

The agency preceptor is the on-site professional responsible for the daily supervision of students during the Applied Practice Experience. We ask preceptors to evaluate the student's progress at various times during the Applied Practice Experience through forms provided by the GPH administration as well as periodic meetings with the student to provide direct feedback.

Please read the Expectations and Guidelines for Preceptors to gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a preceptor. 


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