International Students

We are extremely excited to have you join our community! New York University is home to one of the highest number of international students in the U.S. with over 5,000 international students and scholars from over 130 different countries. As International students, you will learn to navigate through a different set of tasks as you transition into your studies at New York University.  

The School of Global Public Health is prepared to assist you during this transition!

There are unique instances that will stand out to you as an international student - instances that catch your eye as you go through the next few years. Sometimes they will make you roll your eyes, sometimes they will make you laugh, and other times they will make your jaw drop from the surprise.

Just remember one important thing: differences make for a good conversation topic! You should feel free to explore your field of study, your skills and talents by participating in various NYU GPH events and sponsored activities. Your academic success is facilitated by engaging in activities and extending your learning experience within and beyond the classroom walls.

The Office of Global Services (OGS) will be your guide in handling all immigration matters. We suggest that you read through the OGS website carefully, including the FAQ section. This will ensure that you are completely prepared when you begin your studies in the fall. 

Watch the three videos attached to find out what you need to do as a newly admitted international student both before and when you arrive and for employment options for NYU International Students. In addition, the OGS Arrival Checklist is attached at the bottom of this email and should be consulted before arriving to New York.

We want you to have an easy start, and by taking care of everything listed in this section, we believe you will!

Please continue to check your NYU email ( as we will send more information/dates about upcoming events.

If needed, do not hesitate to email us at We look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,

NYU GPH Student Affairs Team


Before you Arrive

Now that you've been admitted to NYU, learn how to get the right visa, plan your trip, and get further resources to help get you settled into life in New York.

  1. Get an NYU I-20 or DS-2019 for your student visa.
    1. If you’re a new student, see our information on getting a US Visa.
    2. If you’re transferring to NYU from another school in the US, review the transfer process.
    3. If you’re already in the US in another immigration status, review the information on changing to F-1 or J-1 status.
    4. If you’re planning to bring a spouse or children with you, see this overview of bringing family
    5. Resource needed for this step: determine your estimated expenses at NYU and understand what financial documentation you need to show to apply for your needed visa documents.
  2. Understand and review the fees that apply to international students at NYU.
  3. Plan your trip.
  4. Find a place to stay in New York.
  5. Pack for New York. See our packing tips.
  6. Understand healthcare in the US.
  7. Get tips and resources for living in New York.
  8. Get resources for academic and cultural adjustment.
  9. Learn what you need to do as soon as you arrive at NYU. See our arrival information.

Getting a Visa to Study at NYU



When You Arrive

Now that you have your visa and planned your trip, all international students at NYU must make sure to take care of all these things once you arrive. We hope you have a fantastic start at NYU!

Required Tasks

STEP 1 - Complete Your Immigration Requirements


1a. Complete the Arrival Form and Submit Your Immigration Information to OGS Online
The US government requires all international students in F-1 and J-1 status to report their arrival to their schools. You officially report your arrival to NYU through the OGS arrival form. You won’t be able to complete the OGS arrival form until after your arrival to the US. You could scan your documents for free at NYU ITS locations. You will need to have copies (PDF or JPG) of these documents available to complete the form:
  • Passport
  • F-1 or J-1 visa (except for citizens of Canada and Bermuda)
  • I-94 record
  • I-20 or DS-2019
  • Your dependent's documents (if you have a spouse or children here with you as F-2 or J-2 dependents)


1b. Add Your US Address to Albert, Accessible Through NYU Albert

Update your US address in Albert. For detailed instructions, go to the Update Your Local US Address page. If you fail to update your US address, you are at risk of losing your lawful status in the US. Even if you are staying in a hotel, enter that address, then update your address again once you move to your new apartment or residence hall.


1c. Add Your US Phone Number to Albert, Accessible Through NYU Albert

Update your US phone number in Albert. For detailed instructions, go to the Update Your US Phone Number page. All international students are required to update their US phone number.


STEP 2 - Attend International Student Orientation

Learn the basics of keeping legal in the US as an F-1 or J-1 international student, employment in the US, cultural adjustment and coping skills, US classroom culture, safety and security, and more. Get the details on all our sessions and RSVP on the OGS International Student Orientation page.


    STEP 3 - Understand Your Legal Requirements as an F-1 or J-1 International Student at NYU

    As an international student in the US, it's important for you to understand that it is your responsibility to keep your F-1/J-1 status legal and valid throughout the duration of your studies in the US. Review your legal requirements.

    Employment Options for NYU International Students