4 + 1 BA CAS / MA Bioethics GPH

While still undergraduates, students on this track get a head start on graduate coursework. This allows them to finish a Master’s degree within one additional year of study in the Bioethics Master's program after earning the Bachelor’s degree. 

During their graduate school year, Bachelor's-Master's students receive a scholarship from GPH covering 50% of up to 24 credits-worth of graduate tuition.

How It Works

Students on the Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's track must complete at least 6 Bioethics Master's credits before they complete their Bachelor's degree, and can complete even more credits if there is room in their schedule to do so.

These 6 credits are generally the two Bioethics core classes:

GPH-GU 1005, Advanced Introduction to Bioethics, 3 credits (offered in the Fall semester)

GPH-GU 1006, Advanced Introduction to Environmental Ethics, 3 credits (offered in the Spring semester)

After completing these courses as undergraduates, students will be able to focus on electives that match their area of interest within the larger field of Bioethics. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Bioethics Master's courses taken as an undergraduate CANNOT count towards any undergraduate degree requirement (major, minor, Core, or credit requirements). These Master's credits must be reserved, and not count towards the undergraduate degree, in order to be counted towards the completion of Master's degree requirements.

For example, a student would need to complete at least 134 credits while they are an undergraduate (128 undergraduate credits + 6 Bioethics Master's credits), in order to fulfill the conditions of the Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's track.

Who Should Apply?

Students in the College of Arts and Science (CAS) and the Global Liberal Studies (GLS) program may apply to the Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's track if they:

  1. Have completed 3 semesters at NYU. Transfer students must complete at least one semester in CAS/GLS before applying.
  2. Have at least 2 semesters remaining in CAS or GLS after they apply to the Bachelor's-Master's track. For example, a student can apply to the Bachelor's-Master's track in Spring 2018 only if they plan to graduate no earlier than Spring 2019.
  3. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Students must also have a minimum 3.0 to enter Bioethics as full-time Master's students after they complete their undergraduate degree.

How to Apply?

All potential applicants must meet with an advisor to confirm their eligibility prior to applying. Please follow the instructions below to prepare and complete the application process.


You can get cleared by completing 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete our Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's Quiz. Access our Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's quiz, which reviews important Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's basics. After you successfully complete this quiz, you will be emailed a link for an "Academic Planning Form."
  2. Complete this "Academic Planning Form," which will help you plan out how you will complete your remaining undergraduate requirements as well as the Master's credits you are expected to complete as an undergraduate.
  3. Meet with Bachelor's-Master's advisor to review your academic planning form. You will need to schedule an appointment with a Bachelor's-Master's advisor to review this form. This appointment will be conducted in-person for students currently in New York, and via Skype/Google Hangouts for students currently studying abroad. Please use this form to schedule your appointment - make sure you are logged in to your NYUHome account before accessing this Google form.

After you meet with a Bachelor's-Master's advisor, you can start working on your official Bachelor's-Master's Application.

REMEMBER: You will not be able to submit your Bachelor's-Master's application materials until you are cleared to apply by a Bachelor's-Master's advisor.

Please refer to this page for the materials required for your Bachelor's-Master's application. The requirements listed on the main Bioethics program page are only for standard Master's applicants - Bachelor's-Master's applicants need to submit the materials listed below. Bachelor's-Master's applicants are not required to submit GRE / other standardized testing scores.

Bachelor's-Master's applicants are required to submit:

  1. A statement of purpose
  2. A writing sample
  3. A transcript from NYU and any previous undergraduate institutions in which you have been enrolled for a degree
  4. A resume/CV
  5. Two letters of recommendation

These application materials will be submitted via NYUBox - students will be given access to the submission portal after they have been cleared by a Bachelor's-Master's advisor.

Online Application

Applications are submitted through an online application form. Applicants will be granted access to these forms after they are cleared to apply by a Bachelor's-Master's advisor.

All other application materials except for letters of recommendation will be submitted via this online application form.

Statement of Purpose

A 1-2 page statement of purpose (single-spaced) should describe:

  • Your interest in Bioethics
  • Specific biomedical and environmental issues that you find particularly interesting, and how and why you want to study them at the graduate level
  • Any relevant coursework and experience that has prepared you for graduate study
  • How a Bioethics Master's at NYU fits into your longer-term academic/career goals

Writing Sample

Bioethics asks that applicants submit a 10-page, double-spaced writing sample that discusses an issue in Bioethics. This may touch on a variety of topics, including biomedical or environmental affairs.

Undergraduate Transcript

Undergraduate transcript(s) are required to apply. Please upload your unofficial NYU transcript (link leads to instructions for access and downloading this unofficial transcript).

If you transferred to NYU, please also upload official transcripts from any previous undergraduate institution where you have earned credit. You can upload a PDF scan of an official non-NYU transcript, or an official electronic copy ordered directly from your previous school's Registrar. If you do the latter, you may be sent a PDF portfolio (a bundle of several official documents). You will not be able to upload the entire portfolio into our online application system - instead, please save/print each of the documents as individual PDFs and then upload them.


You will need to submit an up-to-date resume or CV with your application. If you have any concerns about updating or creating a resume, we recommend that you speak with a Career Coach at the Wasserman Center for resume review and assistance.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required to apply. Ideally these letters of recommendation should come from faculty or a colleagues who work in areas connected to the field of Bioethics. They should be able to speak to your readiness for graduate study in Bioethics, either with reference to your academic history or practical experiences that might have shaped your understanding of relevant ethical questions. 

Your recommenders will need to submit their recommendations through NYU Box. You will receive further instruction for registering recommenders  once you have been given access to the main Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's application.

Although you will need to wait until you access the online application to request your letters officially, it is always a good idea to contact your recommenders in advance of sending them an official request, even as soon as you think you will apply to a Bachelor's-Master's track. It is courteous to give your recommenders at least a month's notice to produce a new letter of recommendation.


Financial AidBioethics Bachelor's-Master's Scholarship

Bioethics Bachelor's-Master's students are eligible for a 50% tuition scholarship once they matriculate into the Bioethics program as a full-time graduate student.

This scholarship:

  • Is only awarded to Bachelor's-Master's students who complete the 6 required Bioethics Master's credits as an undergraduate
  • Can be applied to a maximum of 26 credits worth of tuition after matriculation into Bioethics

The Bachelor's-Master's Scholarship is available to all students who participate in the Bachelor's-Master's track, including international students, and does not require an additional application.

Additional Financial Aid

Students should visit the GPH Financial Aid site for more information about financial aid once they have matriculated in the Bioethics Master's program.  Additionally, students may want to consult the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health's database of funding resources for a full range of options

US citizens or permanent residents should also consider filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Graduate-level students are automatically considered "independent" from family support, so you will likely be eligible for a different level of aid than you were as an undergraduate.