Dentistry (DDS/MPH) Dual Degree

Offered in collaboration with the NYU College of Dentistry, the five-year dual degree DDS/MPH program facilitates the integration of oral health promotion and disease prevention into public health policy at the international level. At completion of this full-time program, you will have earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and a Master of Public Health (MPH), starting you off in a prime position for advanced career options in either field.

An interdisciplinary program, the strength of this dual degree DDS/MPH lies in the breadth of instruction from across NYU’s world-renowned graduate schools, with topics as wide-ranging as regional and national differences in oral health delivery, oral health policy and research, and social and cultural factors influencing health behavior.

Program Sequence

The DDS/MPH follows a curriculum that allows students to complete both degrees in five years. Students first fulfill their DDS requirements in the first and second years of the program. Adjustments are then made to the DDS clinical training schedule to enable students to balance MPH degree coursework with clinical instruction in the third through fifth year. In their final year, students also undertake an global public health assignment in the form of a global health applied practice experience.  

DDS/MPH Requirements Checklist

Year 1 – DDS Program Only

Year 2 – DDS Program Only

Year 3 – MPH Program

Fall Semester (12 credits)

GPH-GU 2106 Epidemiology (3)
GPH-GU 2380 Data-Driven Decision Making in Global Public Health (3)
GPH-GU 2120 Foundations of Global Health (3)
GPH-GU 2140 Global Issues in Social and Behavioral Health (3)
GPH-GU 5171 Global Health Informatics (0)
GPH-GU 5175 Readings in the History & Philosophy of Public Health I (0)

Spring Semester (12 credits)

GPH-GU 2995 Biostatistics for Public Health (3)
GPH-GU 2220 Accelerating Progress Towards Health-Related SDGs (3)
GPH-GU 2153 Global Environmental Health (3)
GPH-GU 2110 Health Care Policy (1.5)
GPH-GU 2112 Public Health Management and Leadership (1.5)
GPH-GU 5180 Readings in the History & Philosophy of Public Health II (0)
GPH-GU 5185 Readings in the History & Philosophy of Public Health III (0)

Year 4 – DDS and MPH Program
Fall Semester (6 credits)

MPH Elective (3)
MPH Elective (3)

Spring Semester (6 credits)

MPH Elective (3)
MPH Elective (3)
Year 5 – DDS and MPH Program

Fall Semester (5 credits)

GPH-GU 2359 Applied Practice Experience Seminar (2)
1 MPH Elective (3)

Spring Semester (2 credits)

GPH-GU 2360 Integrative Learning Experiences Seminar (2)


What Can I Do with This Degree?

The DDS/MPH degree is right for those considering a career in dentistry and interested in understanding the intricacies of oral health from both a clinician’s and policymaker’s perspective. The DDS/MPH program offers an exceptional opportunity for those interested in becoming not only oral health practitioners, but also leaders in the government agencies and private sector organizations that develop international oral health policy.  

How Do I Apply?

You must apply separately and be admitted to both the DDS and MPH programs: DDS program applications and MPH program application and instructions.

For More Information

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