Forms & Policies

To digitize and streamline Human Resource(HR) transaction requests, these forms will capture a complete end-to-end paper trail of requests and ensure a smooth workflow between department chairs, GPH Finance, and GPH HR for timely processing.


Other Personnel Request Form

  • Use this form to request hourly and non hourly jobs for student employees.

Academic Position Request Form

  • Use this form to request positions such as full-time/part time researchers, post doc fellows & associates.

Additional Compensation Request Form

  • Use this form to request one time additional compensation payments.

Summer Salary Request Form

  • Use this form to request summer salary compensation from sponsored projects. Your respective grants analyst will assist you by providing you with information required for submitting this form.

HR Policies

  • Complete list of Human Resources policies. 

Hiring a Temp Employee

Visiting Scholar Form

Application for Workload Relief

Application for Stopping the Tenure Clock for Primary Caregivers

Application for Sabbatical Leave

Job Evaluation Request Form


Please note that the only process that will be managed outside of these forms are the appointments of adjuncts, course assistants and teaching assistants.  Departments should continue to work directly with Academic Affairs on those appointments.