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Welcome Incoming Students!

Congratulations again and welcome to NYU School of Global Public Health! 

We are very proud to count you as members of our community and are looking forward to meeting you and working closely together over the next few years! 

There are a few things you need to do prior to your first day and the GPH Office of Student Affairs has put together a checklist to help you get started here at NYU. Please refer to the next steps below to get started.

☛ Note for International Students:

If you are studying at NYU GPH on a F1 or J1 visa, please also review the information on the International Student Page, in particular Key Contacts and Preparing for your Arrival in New York City sections.

Getting Started | 2021

☛ NOTE: If you have already activated your NetID, created a password for it and accepted your Admissions Offer, you may jump directly to Number 4.

Resources in one click: Incoming Student Checklist

1 - Activate your NYU Net ID

Included in your acceptance email is your official University ID number (often it will be referred to as your N number because it starts with an N, and is followed by 9 digits). Write this number down or memorize it, as you will be asked for it throughout your academic career. At GPH, it will serve as your on-campus identification number. For example, you will need to provide your N number to schedule appointments at the Wasserman Center for Career Development or at our Health and Wellness Center. 

Now that you have a University ID, you must also activate another form of NYU identification called a NetID.

  • To obtain your NetID, log on to
  • Click on the link on the right that says "Don't know your NetID?"
  • You will then be prompted to input your University ID number, date of birth and personal email address, if you have one.
  • After you have entered this information, click on "Continue" and you will be assigned a NetID.

Your NetID is a combination of your initials and a few random numbers, e.g., aqe123. It is different from your University ID.

Once activated (see below), your NetID provides access to authorized NYU online services and applications via desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices, including end user devices such as laptops. Your NetID is your username for all NYU online services, including your NYUHome account, ALBERT, NYU wi-fi, as well as off-campus access to the New York University Libraries resources.

Your NetID is also used to create your default NYU Email address (e.g.,

2 - Create a Password for your NetID

Once you have obtained your NetID go back to

  • Toward the bottom of the page you will see a place to input your NetID and password.
  • Fill in your NetID and click "Start" (leave the password blank). 
  • This will prompt you to create a password, allowing you to log onto NYUHome
  • Passwords should be a mixture of letters and symbols, such as a combination of letters and punctuation. See also NYU NetID: Password requirements and security tips

Visit the the IT Service section on the Current Student page if you would like to:

  • Change your current NYU NetID password
  • Reset a forgotten or expired NYU NetID password
  • Learn how to use the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

3 - Accept/Decline your Admissions Offer

To accept or decline your offer of admission you will need to navigate to NYU Albert

  • Click on "Sign in to Albert" and log in using your NetID and password.
  • Once logged into Albert, select the "Applicants" tab, and then "Application Status". 
  • Once you are on the "Application Status" page, click the button that says "Admissions Offer" to accept or decline your offer.

At this point in the process you will need to wait 24 hours to activate your email and begin registering for classes, as detailed in the steps below. If you receive an error message stating that the system does not recognize your credentials, simply try back the next day

Final Official Transcripts

☛ IMPORTANT NOTE: NYU requires that you send official transcripts for any degree that was in progress and not completed as of the submission of your SOPHAS application. If all prior degrees were completed as of your application submission, and either the official transcripts or WES evaluation were submitted as part of your application, you do not have to submit any further documentation to NYU. 

If you need to send a final transcript, each transcript must be sent to the NYU GPH Office of Admissions and be received prior to your first term of registration. Any transcript you send must be an original official transcript in a sealed envelope with the Registrar's stamp or signature. Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by notarized translations.

Transcripts can be sent to the following address:


Office of Admissions - Final Transcripts

708 Broadway, Room 317

New York NY 10003, USA

4 - Activate & Check your NYU Email

After you have activated your NetID, the system will process the activation, and your NYU Email and Google Education Accounts will automatically become active. Please allow the system time to process the activation of your credentials.

Once your NYU email is active, you can access your account via NYUHome by clicking the "NYU Email" card or navigating directly to

It is NYU policy that communications are sent via NYU email. Incoming students are advised to check the NYU email very often.

See also:

5 - Get your NYU photo ID aka NYUCard

Students must have an NYUCard in order to request services to gain entry into the libraries, Palladium Sports Centers, and all other University buildings. The NYUCard is also a way to get student discounts at museums around New York City. 

☛ All students studying on campus must get a NYUCard, NYU's student ID for entry into campus buildings and other campus identification purposes. You cannot get your NYUCard until after you register for class. 

☛ Students who are studying remotely are not required to get an NYUCard.

Getting your NYU photo ID is now easier than ever. Starting here, you can now get your NYUCard in three easy steps.

NYUCard Photo Submission Guidelines

 First Step: Log in at using your NYU NetID.

Second Step: Submit your photo
Follow the instructions on the page to upload, crop, and submit your photo.

Submitted photos must meet the following criteria:

  • Your photo must be taken against a white background.
  • You must be facing straight towards the camera.
  • The top of your head and both sides must be completely visible in the photo.
  • You cannot be wearing a hat or dark sunglasses.
  • After cropping, your final photo must be at least 480 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

 Third Step: Pick up your NYUCard

Once your photo is approved, you will receive an email to let you know where to pick up your NYUCard.

The name printed on your NYUCard will be your Preferred Name. Before submitting your photo, check your account in the Albert Student Center, to ensure your preferred name matches what you want to appear on the NYUCard.

Do not lend this card to anyone at any time for any reason. You can be subject to disciplinary proceedings if you are involved in fraudulent use of a NYUCard.

The NYUCard Center is located:

  • Washington Square Campus | inside the Lobby on the ground floor of 7 Washington Place (at the corner of Mercer Street).
  • Brooklyn Campus | inside of 2 MetroTech Center on the ground floor.

Information about the NYUCard Center’s schedule may be obtained via this web page or by calling (212) 443-2273.

Students who need to replace a lost NYUCard will have the $25 replacement fee billed directly to their Bursar Accounts. 

It is important to not punch a hole in your NYUCard. Your NYUCard is a proximity card that includes a microchip and an antenna, punching a hole in your card will damage the microchip or antenna rendering it unreadable, and will result in a replacement charge of $25.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Card Center at or 212-443-2273.

6 - Update your contact information

It is important that you take the time to review, verify and update your contact information, which can be found under the "Personal Information" section of the Albert Student Center on NYU Home. Please be sure to review and update both your permanent and local addresses.

➪ NYU Emergency Alert

Please note that all students will be required to have an "NYU Emergency Alert" cellular phone number and emergency contact information on record in order to be eligible to register for classes. In order to avoid a delay in registering for your classes, we suggest that you verify this information prior to the start of the registration period.

➪ Pronouns and Name Pronunciation

Students now have the opportunity to add their pronouns, as well as the pronunciation of their names, into Albert.  Students can have this information displayed to faculty, advisors, and administrators in Albert, as well as other NYU systems. Students can also opt out of having their pronouns viewed by their instructors, in case they feel more comfortable sharing their pronouns outside of the classroom. To set  up your pronoun visit this page.

➪ Gender Identity in Albert

Students can indicate and edit their gender identity in their Albert Student Center. Students who would like to modify their gender identity on Albert or learn more should visit this page.

See also:

7 - Complete the GPH Student Affairs Onboarding Form

Please note that all incoming graduate students must complete the GPH Student Affairs Onboarding form.

In order to complete the Onboarding form, you must have read and completed the following sections below:

The GPH Onboarding Form must be completed no later than the first day of class.

8 - Learn and review the GPH Program Policies & Procedures

All students in the program are expected to understand and adhere to program policies and procedures while matriculated in the NYU GPH Graduate program. 

We expect that all students will be aware of, and to adhere to, the standards set forth by the NYU School of Global Public Health (GPH Resources, Forms & Policies).

9 - Complete the Plagiarism Certification Test

Each incoming student of the Graduate program at GPH is required to complete the online Plagiarism Certification Test to learn how to recognize plagiarism, test your understanding, and earn a certificate.

Please follow the next steps below to get started:

You need to create a new username and password - It won't work if you log in using your NYU email and password

  • Learn through Tutorials here
  • When you are ready, select Take Certification Test here
  • When a score of 100% is achieved, you will be issued a certificate
  • You must upload the certificate in the GPH Onboarding Form.

A few tips:

  • You need almost a perfect score for the certificate 
  • Please ensure that you are being careful in evaluating your answers as some forms of plagiarism are quite similar, but not exact
  • Take your time, do not rush answering the questions
  • Thoughtfully consider before making your selections, ensuring that you are answering in exactly the same way that the material is presented in the study/preparation materials
  • Your answers should mirror the study materials' analogous suggestion(s), even if you think another option may be correct
  • See also Frequently Asked Questions about the Plagiarism Certification Test here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Plagiarism Certification Test

☛ Why is it important to avoid plagiarism The academic community highly values the acknowledgment of contributions to knowledge. When you properly acknowledge the contributions to knowledge made by other people, you are showing respect for their work. You are giving credit where credit is due. You are not misleading the reader to believe that your ideas and words are solely your own. The disciplinary consequences of documented plagiarism can be severe (see Statement of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct, Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures). Avoiding plagiarism is important - both in writing and speaking. Completing the Plagiarism Certification Test will help you to understand and recognize plagiarism.

☛ How much time does it take to learn from tutorials | Expect to spend about 2 hours learning from this instruction and taking Certification TestsMany people divide their learning into 4 sessions of about 25 to 30 minutes each. 

☛ How much time does it take to take the test | Completing a Certification Test usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. If you do not pass, feedback is provided about the kinds of mistakes you made. You can take as many Certification Tests as you want.

Frick, T., Dagli, C., Barrett, A., Myers, R., Kwon, K., & Tomita, K. (2019). How to recognize plagiarism: Tutorial and tests. Bloomington, IN: Department of Instructional Systems Technology, School of Education, Indiana University. Retrieved from: How to Recognize Plagiarism: Welcome: School of Education.

10 - Complete the NYU Immunization Requirements

New York State Public Health Laws 2165 and 2167 and NYU mandate that students registering for 6 credits or more in a degree-granting institution provide the following: 

  • for students born on or after January 1, 1957, immunization documentation for measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella (German measles) (NYSPHL 2165) and
  • for all students, an acknowledgement of receipt of information or proof of immunization regarding the disease meningitis (NYSPHL 2167) prior to registration.

Next Stop NYU is the designed webpage that helps you navigate your path to New York University and through the mandatory health requirements, tasks, and deadlines. Please complete all the following requirements that apply to you on the NYU Health Requirements Website and make sure you don't miss any:

  • Complete and Submit the Immunization History Form(s)
  • Complete and Submit the Student Health History Form
  • Enter and Upload Information into the NYU Student Health Portal

☛ IMPORTANT NOTE for ONLINE STUDENTS | Students who will complete their degree program entirely online and never study in-person on the NYU campus should visit this page.

If you are an online degree student who will study in-person on the NYU campus at any time during your program, please complete the requirements for New York Students.

Failure to comply with the requirement will result in the following:

  • Your being de-enrolled (dropped) from and unable to attend classes
  • If you are de-enrolled, you will not be eligible to receive a refund of any portion of your tuition
  • If you live on campus, you will be required to vacate your residence hall
  • You will be prevented from entering campus buildings
  • Your student ID card will be deactivated

Your participation in completing each requirement helps create a safer and healthier NYU — for you and the entire student body. So, thank you!

➪ COVID-19 Safety and Health

Throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, NYU's decision-making has been guided by the health and safety of the NYU community, adopting an evolving, evidence-informed, multilayered public health strategy to reduce the risks posed by COVID-19.

NYU intends to require vaccinations for all NYU students returning to campus in New York City and other US sites for the Fall 2021 semester, while accommodating medical and religious exemptions.  

Getting vaccinated is an important action to take for your own health, and to help keep each other safe. Studies show that vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting COVID-19 and reducing the severity of your illness if you do get COVID-19.

We also strongly encourage those who are eligible to get vaccinated anywhere a vaccine is available. Please keep in mind that vaccinations immunize the individual, but during this process, it is equally important to sustain community health. Immunized individuals, even if they aren’t sick, can still spread COVID-19 by carrying the virus on their bodies and pose considerable risk to others who haven’t been vaccinated.

We are committed to you, our students, receiving the excellent education you expect from NYU. To stay informed, make sure to review and monitor the following pages:

We hope you find the information and links helpful in navigating this unpredictable period and in understanding the expectations we have for you as members of the NYU community.

11 - Complete the NYU Sexual Misconduct Training “Think about it”

In an effort to maintain a safe and aware campus community, all NYU students must complete an online training program called "Think About It".

Before the semester begins, you will receive an email that introduces the program and indicates a deadline - please know that if you do not complete this training, your ability to enroll for future classes will be affected.

How to Get Started:

  • Visit Next Stop NYU 
  • Scroll to "Think About It"
  • Click on the due date to expand section
  • Click on the "Think About It Online Module" link
  • Use your NYU NetID and password to log in
  • Find the "Think About It" course under Available Courses
  • Click "Launch"

You can also access the course by visiting and using your NYU Home credentials to log in.

☛ NOTE | the module requires Flash player.

This course takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. You can work at your own pace from any computer; you can leave and return to the course at any time, and when you return, it will open to the page where you left off.

Once you have completed it, the system automatically records it. You do not need to send the certificate to us.

Get Help with the Training

If you need help, wish to provide feedback, or have questions about the module, email or contact the Wellness Exchange at (212) 443-9999.

Our goal at NYU is to create space for people to explore their goals and aspirations by providing conditions that foster safety, develop individual capacities, and encourage social relationships — promoting the self-determination and dignity of all.

If you want to learn more, feel free to visit this website

12 - Register for Classes

Once you have received the email from GPH Registration with the courses to enroll in your first semester or you have visited First Semester Courses by Concentration Page, you can register for your courses using NYU Albert.

ALBERT, the NYU student information services website, is easy to use and can provide you with a wealth of up-to-date information that will help you make quicker and more informed decisions about your class schedule. The guidelines on the GPH Current Student section and on the Registrar website will help you navigate the ALBERT registration pages.

ALBERT is available through the NYUHome web portal. NYUHome is available at: After successfully logging on to NYUHome, students will have the option to access ALBERT. NYUHome will validate your access based on your NetID and password. Once you are on the ALBERT home page, you can access the various features of ALBERT by entering the Student Center.

☛ It is your responsibility to register for courses in a timely manner. It is highly recommended that all students register for courses as soon as registration on Albert begins. 

Visit this page to learn the courses you should register for in your first semester, by concentration. It lists courses for both full and part-time course loads. 

Students are responsible for any financial, administrative and/or personal arrangements that may affect timely course registration. Such arrangements include payment of outstanding balances, financial aid, immunizations, visa status, and employer work arrangements. 

For more information on how to register for classes, you can visit the GPH Registration Guidelines section on the Current Student page and also use the Student Self-Service Enrollment Guide.

For any question, feel free to email your Program Advisor in the Student Affairs Team.

Visit also:

Important Note

If for any reason you are no longer attending NYU GPH after accepting your initial offer, you must notify this change of status as soon as possible to avoid unexpected charges.

Please send an email communicating this change of status to all the following offices (you can copy all in the same email):

13 - Learn to Use NYU Brightspace

NYU Brightspace: Overview for Students

The NYU Learning Management System (Brightspace) is NYU’s new digital learning platform. From accessing course materials, to collaborating online with classmates and instructors, NYU LMS (Brightspace) offers a ton of resources to meet your learning goals and needs. Each course that you take at NYU might feature a corresponding course website with learning materials. Most commonly, that website will be a “course site” in the NYU LMS (Brightspace).

Review the Brightspace Student Guide, it provides helpful information about navigating to the site, tips for staying on top of all your coursework and other features that your instructors might use. 

14 - Review the Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar provides all relevant holidays, breaks, commencement, school start/end dates as well as Registration and Bursar dates.

15 - Find your Classroom Location

If you are pursuing your degree in person, classroom locations are displayed using a code on Albert. To find these locations, use this website. 

16 - Evaluate Health Insurance Options 

New York University requires students in degree-granting programs and international students with F-1/J-1 visas to have health insurance. GPH students are enrolled automatically in an NYU Health Insurance Plan. GPH domestic students will be automatically enrolled in the Basic Student Health Insurance Plan; international students with F-1 and J-1 visas will be automatically enrolled in the Comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan.

Students automatically enrolled in the Basic Plan or the Comprehensive Plan may change the selection of their plan or waive coverage entirely if they have acceptable alternative coverage that meets the University's criteria. Changes in enrollment can be made through the online enrollment/waiver process available on the Student Health Insurance website by the appropriate semester deadlines shown below. 

Both the Basic and Comprehensive Plans provide worldwide coverage for medically necessary medical and mental health treatment including hospitalization, laboratory tests, prescriptions, radiology services, physician visits, and medical evacuation and repatriation. Students seeking services in Manhattan must first seek treatment at the Student Health Center.

Waiving/Changing Health Insurance

More details about the differences between the Basic and Comprehensive Plans, the University criteria for waiving the plans, and the online enrollment/waiver process can be found in the Student Health Insurance website. Be sure to carefully review the information, before you choose your enrollment or waiver option. 

For more information about the NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Program, you may contact the Student Health Insurance Services Office at (212) 443-1020, via email at, or visit the Student Health Center website.

Additional information is also available in the Insurance Section on the Current Student Page.

17 - Download the Wellness Exchange App

Download the Wellness Exchange App to chat with a counselor anytime. Literally 24/7. Available in six languages through the Wellness Exchange app for iPhone or Android.

The Wellness Exchange is your greatest mental health resource at NYU. Our 24-hour hotline can be reached at (212) 443-9999.

...Learn More about Resources for Students

Finally, make sure to review our GPH Current Student page to find out the thousand resources that will make your life easier at GPH! From academic support services, career development, free Microsoft Office and registration guidelines – to housing options, health & wellness, athletics and much more!