The School of Global Public Health (GPH) has a bold vision - to significantly improve the health of populations by pioneering solutions that advance health equity around the world, today and tomorrow. That vision reflects a core belief that global health is not merely a field of study, area of research, or a career, but a goal that will change the world.

Achieving grand goals requires both seriousness of purpose and willingness to take action, and at NYU, we believe that investing in committed people and essential resources will bring us closer to addressing the global health problems of today and tomorrow.

NYU caters to the person who is a self-starter. You’re in the middle of New York and everything is happening at once so it can be very competitive, but you have to have the discipline and motivation to go out there and make things happen.
- Megan Feeney, MPH 2016, Public Health and Nutrition Concentration

Who We Are

The NYU School of Global Public Health crosses disciplinary boundaries to address the world’s most pressing health problems. Drawing from resources across NYU’s schools, the GPH delivers truly interdisciplinary public health education at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral level.

NYU GPH builds on the global reach of NYU’s expansive reach as a globally-networked university; draws strength from the entrepreneurial spirit of NYU’s many talented faculty and students; and serves as a conduit for groundbreaking research and education that advances and promotes equitable health for all.

GPH benefits from the participation of many of NYU's schools, including:

Our Mission

While NYU has granted degrees in public health for over 40 years, GPH is young with big aspirations. Our mission is to reinvent the public health paradigm by inspiring innovative scholarship, practice and leadership across boundaries.

It has been said that New York City is “where the future comes to audition.” Unbound by tradition, and much like the innovative and enterprising city in which our home campus resides, our school seeks to reinvent the public health paradigm by applying entrepreneurial approaches to public health crises. We do this via a unique interdisciplinary model that spans across eight schools within NYU and a globally-networked university with academic centers and portal campuses on six continents.

Accreditation Status

On June 8, 2015, the Board of Trustees of New York University (NYU) approved the formation of our new School of Global Public Health.

In July 2019, the NYU School of Global Public Health has been granted full accreditation by the Council on Education for Public Health through 2024.