The undergraduate global public health majors offered by GPH embody an innovative approach to undergraduate education. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will be helpful as you explore options for your undergraduate studies. If your question isn't answered below, please contact us directly so we can assist you.

How do I apply to one of the global public health majors?

The School of Global Public Health offers 13 innovative undergraduate majors in global public health in collaboration with the following NYU schools:

  • The College of Arts and Science (CAS)

  • The Rory Meyers College of Nursing (Nursing)

  • Silver School of Social Work (Social Work)

  • Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development (Steinhardt)

  • Liberal Studies

To learn more about how to apply for/declare a GPH major, students should contact the Admissions Office (for Nursing, Social, and Steinhardt majors) or the Advising Office (for CAS majors) of their respective school.

As an undergraduate student how am I assigned an major and how do I know who my advisor is?

All declared GPH majors are assigned an advisor. Typically this is at the beginning of their first year for Nursing, Social Work, and Steinhardt students and at the end of their second year for CAS students (who must declare with their joint major department).

Each major has an assigned advisor. Advisors by major are as follows:

Angelica Tirro (ama534@nyu.edu)

  • Steinhardt (MCC)

  • GPH Minor

  • Global Liberal Studies

Julie Avina (julie.avina@nyu.edu)

  • CAS (Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, History)

  • Nursing

Kristen Bush (kristen.bush@nyu.edu)

  • CAS (Sociology)

  • Social Work

  • Steinhardt (Applied Psychology, Food Studies, Nutrition, Communicative Sciences and Disorders)


It is recommend that students meet with their advisors at least once per semester to make sure that they are on-track toward completing their GPH degree requirements.

What are the curriculum requirements for the Global Public Health majors?

Depending on your particular major, your curriculum requirements will vary. To learn more about the specific curriculum requirements for your major visit the Majors page.

To learn more about the courses in the Global Public Health majors – including the core courses that all students take regardless of school – visit the Undergraduate Courses page.

What can I do with a BA/BS in Global Public Health?

Majoring in global public health will prepare you for entry into not-for-profits, government organizations, social service agencies, international health services and programs, and more.

Here are some examples of what graduates who majored in public health are doing:

  • Consulting Analyst at a Fortune 500 Consulting Firm

  • Research Trainee at a College of Medicine

  • HMO Authorization Specialist at a Home Health Aide Agency

  • Peer Mentor at a Community Health Center

  • Business Development Associate for Health Care Gap Assessment and Enrollment Service

  • Litigation Paralegal for a Law Firm

  • Editorial Intern for a Nutrition Multimedia Brand

  • Americorps Member for a Department of Health Agency

  • Registered Nurse for a Hospital

  • Public Affairs Coordinator for nonprofit reproductive health care provider organization

  • Intelligence Office for a Government Agency

  • Buyer for a Supermarket Chain Specializing in Organic Food

Did you know that GPH students are able to meet with a Wasserman Career Coach onsite at 726 Broadway, 7th Floor in addition to the Union Square location?

GPH Undergraduates should make an appointment online with NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development to explore career paths of interests and prepare for their next position in the Public Health field.  

I’m interested in pursuing additional education after the BA/BS in Global Public Health. What are my options?

The NYU global public health majors provide excellent preparation for further public health study at the masters, doctoral and professional school levels, including GPH’s own graduate programs.

  • Master of Public Health

  • MS in Biostatistics & Epidemiology

  • MA in Bioethics

  • PhD Program

Current NYU undergraduates are invited to apply to seven MPH concentrations using an expedited process for which the GRE is not required.  (Please note that this process cannot be used to apply to the Biostatistics or Epidemiology concentrations of the MPH.)  

To apply, please complete and submit the application form (which you can obtain by emailing gph.admissions@nyu.edu). 

If you prefer to pursue your continued education in a related discipline, the global public health majors are designed to prepare you for work in Anthropology, Applied Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Food Studies, History, Media, Culture and Communication, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics, Social Work and Sociology.

Can I use my pre-health courses to full my combined major elective requirements?

No, pre-health courses DO NOT fulfill the combined major elective requirement. 

What if a student is unable to complete the study abroad requirement?

All students in the NYU School of Global Public Health Undergraduate Program are expected to study abroad for one semester. Under special circumstances, a student may request to waive this requirement. To apply for a waiver, a student must complete the Study Abroad Waiver Application and submit it to his/her home school advisor.  If approved, the advisor will submit the form to gph.studentaffairs@nyu.edu for review.

For More Information

Regarding specific courses and registration: gph.registration@nyu.edu

Regarding the application process: admissions.ops@nyu.edu

General inquiries: gph.undergrad@nyu.edu