Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles & Values

Student sitting in from of the green wall
We envision a world where all people experience health and well-being as a human right rather than a geographic, economic, social, or political privilege. 

Our mission is to prepare public health professionals and communities to solve global public health challenges through cutting-edge research, transformative education, partnership, and collaboration.
Guiding Principles
We think big. We see challenges as opportunities. We conduct research that is responsive to the needs of our world, even if unpopular. We broaden intellectual boundaries through innovative inquiry and actions.
We go far. We work in partnership with communities around the world. We are committed to increasing local public health capacity and sustainability. Our research, education, practice, and service have no boundaries. 
We learn together. We value all lived experiences and our ability to learn from each other.
We inspire change. We challenge the status quo and unite toward an inclusive society where all voices are sought, heard, and valued. 
Equity: Our highest value is ensuring optimal health for all people.
Diversity: We honor individual differences as sources of strength
Discovery:  We generate breakthroughs to solve global public health challenges. 
Collaboration: We create the future we envision by working together.