Non-Matriculated Enrollment

Interested in taking NYU GPH coursework without enrolling in a degree program?  Consider enrolling as a non-matriculated student!  Non-matriculated student status allows you to enroll in the same NYU GPH courses that regular degree-seeking students take, while earning NYU credit and learning about public health topics of interest.

Non-matriculated enrollment is perfect for:

  • Prospective students who want to give NYU GPH coursework a try without committing to enrolling in a degree program.
  • Students enrolled in degree programs at other institutions who wish to fulfill degree or elective requirements by taking NYU coursework and earning credit that may be transferable to their home institutions.
  • Members of the general public who are interested in topical public health issues and wish to study with the world-class faculty at NYU GPH.

Applying to enroll as a non-matriculated student is easy.  If you're a US citizen or permanent resident who is ready to join the classroom at NYU GPH, follow the steps described below to get started!

How to Apply

Prospective non-matriculated students must apply to enroll via the SOPHAS Express application platform. If you have not used SOPHAS Express previously, you will be required to create an account. Once you've created an account, in the "Add Program" section you must choose the "Non-Matriculated Enrollment" found under the NYU School of Global Public Health section.

In the "documents" section of your SOPHAS Express application, you are required to submit the following documentation:

  • Unofficial copies of any previous undergraduate and/or graduate coursework completed (official copies will be required upon admission).
  • A copy of your resume or CV.
  • A brief statement detailing which course(s) you wish to enroll in and why.

For assistance using the SOPHAS Express application, please visit the Help Center.  You can also contact customer service by phone at 617-612-2867, or by email at

Policies and Guidelines

Please be aware of the following rules and policies governing non-matriculated enrollment: 

  • In order to be admitted to non-matriculated status, applicants must meet all applicable concentration requirements governing the courses they seek to register for. 
  • Approval to register for courses is given to non-matriculated students only after the orientation/registration period for admitted matriculated and other matriculated NYU students.
  • Individuals admitted to non-matriculated status may take a maximum of 2 courses only.
  • Approval to take courses as a non-matriculated student does not indicate acceptance to a NYU School of Global Public Health degree granting program, nor does a successful application guarantee enrollment in a particular course.
  • If admitted as a non-matriculated student, official transcripts of all institutions attended must be provided to NYU before official transcripts can be issued reflecting any coursework completed. Failure to produce official transcripts may also prevent or delay future registration in NYU coursework.
  • Credits received by non-matriculated students may not necessarily be transferable as credit toward a degree in the NYU School of Global Public Health, any other degree program at NYU, or elsewhere. 
  •  In general, Independent Study, Capstone, Internship, Practicum and Integrative Seminar are NOT open to non- matriculated students. 
  • Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid, on-campus housing, the University Health Insurance or access to Coles Sports and Recreation Center or the Palladium Recreation Center. 
  • Registering as a non-matriculated student incurs related tuition charges and non-refundable registration fees for which students are responsible. You must officially drop or withdraw from courses before the first day of the term in order to cancel tuition charges incurred by registering. Students remain liable for any outstanding tuition or fees incurred as a result of late withdrawal. 
  • NYU School of Global Public Health does not guarantee the availability of courses to non-matriculated students.
  • Students who are registered in coursework may obtain an NYU ID card via the NYU Card Center.

Tuition and Fees

Non-matriculated students registering in NYU GPH coursework incur tuition and fee charges based on the regular graduate tuition rate charged to matriculated students. 

NYU Central Bursar Contact Information

Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid or program scholarships.