Public Health Changemakers

Public Health Changemakers

Alastair Bitsoi, MPH '17

Contributing to Native American Wellness

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Mehreen Arif, MPH '18

Fighting for Health and Human Rights

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Semran Thamer, BS '18

Innovating Access to Social Work Services

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Marybec Griffin, PhD '18

Advocating for LGBTQ Healthcare Access

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Charlie Ferrusi, MPH '15

Committed to Ending the Epidemic

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Montserrat Soler, MPH '16

Confronting Challenges to Health in Latin America

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Fabiola Milord, MPH '13

Championing Oral Health as a Basic Human Right

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Natalie DeGraaf, MPH '13

Protecting the Future of Biosecurity

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Celina Hanson, MPH '13

Fighting for Access to Critical Vaccinations

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Brittany Wolf, MPH '19

Advocating for Lupus Awareness

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