Danielle Ompad

Danielle Ompad, PhD

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs;
Professor of Epidemiology
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Concentration Directors

Ji E Chang

Assistant Professor of Public Health Policy and Management
Dr. Ji Eun Chang researches the factors that contribute to care continuity within and across organizations and how work is coordinated across the social services and healthcare delivery sectors.

Emily Goldmann

Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Dr. Emily Goldmann is a social epidemiologist who seeks to contextualize and understand the causes and consequences of mental health illness across populations and the varying aspects of life.

Yang Feng

Professor of Biostatistics
Dr. Feng's research focuses on machine learning methods with applications in public health, nonparametric and semi-parametric methods, network data analysis, and bioinformatics.

Nina S Parikh

Clinical Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Nina Parikh examines social, psychosocial, and cultural factors impacting ethnic-racial populations and developing strategies that mitigate inequities among the uninsured, immigrants, and elderly.


Lecia Ductan

Program Administrator of Doctoral Studies