Proposals and Awards

The School of Global Public Health is invested in helping our esteemed faculty produce research of the highest caliber, which is often aided by funding from top local and international organizations like the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. From budget preparation to post-award assistance, GPH is ready to support you in all stages of the proposal and award process. 


Notify the Office of Research using the proposal submission form when you are interested in a funding opportunity: ideally when you first learn of it, regardless of how many months out, but preferably not less than 10 days before the deadline. After we are notified, we will start to organize your ancillary material, and keep track of what needs to be done for your submission. All final proposal materials are due to the Office of Research a minimum of 5 working days before the deadline. Please review the timeline for grants submissions for the deadlines of each individual component. 

Step 2: BUDGET

In order to prepare your budget, we need to know:

  • Funding Agency
  • Solicitation number of RFP
  • Name of the principal investigator (PI)
  • Names of other people who will work on the grant
  • How many postdoctoral fellows, graduate research assistants (GRA's) and undergraduate students you plan to support
  • Number of months or percentage of time commitment for all persons involved
  • Whether there are subcontracts to other institutions or consultants on the project
  • Equipment with an acquisition value of more than $3,000 and useful life of at least 1 year
  • Publication costs
  • Domestic/foreign travel – including travel to an agency meeting or to meet with the program officer

With this information, we build the budget and send it back to the PI so that it can be either approved or further refined. When the budget is finished, we help the PI develop the budget justification by sending a template to him or her and offering suggestions on drafts.


Before submitting a grant proposal, GPH administration will review all supporting material. This typically includes:

  • Abstract
  • Narrative
  • Biographical sketches
  • Current and pending support
  • Documentation of facilities and equipment
  • Any letters of commitment.

By reviewing the RFP in detail, we make sure that your proposal is following what the agency is looking for. We can help you identify what may be missing, and which will improve your chances of favorable review after submission.

Once we begin this review, we ask that you forward any further changes to us instead of making them yourself. That way, we make sure there is only one “live” version of the document. All last-minute changes should come through us.


All grants proposals are required to be entered into the Cayuse Research Suite, NYU’s system to support the submission of proposals to external sponsors. All NYU Personnel on grants must be registered in Cayuse. If you are not registered please do so here.

Cayuse is accessible from the research tab on your NYU Home page. The system allows you to enter information and upload grant materials for review and submission. GPH can assist you in completing the required fields and entering your grant materials into Cayuse.  


Revising a Budget

Occasionally proposals that are accepted by a sponsor are accepted with a condition that the original budget be modified or reduced. GPH will work with the PI in revising any materials to meet all sponsor requirements in a timely fashion.

Resubmission of the Proposal

If the proposal is not funded the first time, we encourage PIs to get a summary of the reviews from the funding agency. With the critique offered by the evaluators, a proposal can often be successfully revised and submitted during the next cycle. The NIH offers a guide on resubmission of a proposal


GPH can assist in all post-award phases of your grant:

  • Just in Time Process: A grantor will often request information post submission and prior to award.  GPH Grants Office can assist you in compiling JIT information, such as:  Current and Pending Support, Compliance training certificates, and  revised budgets if needed. 

  • Award Set up:  Once an award is made GPH Grants Office can assist you in creating a chartfield (Account for the Grant) and all compliance approvals required.

  • Subcontracts:  GPH Grants Office will assist in the subcontract process by completing the required forms and routing them to NYU Contracts Office for execution. 

Other Post Award Processes:  GPH Grants Office will also assist in your annual progress report, award close out, no cost extension requests, and competing renewals. 


Consistent with the policy, all *Investigators must disclose their outside activities and financial interests by completing an Annual Disclosure through NYU's system found at the NYU COI website. Prior to the submission of each proposal for a sponsored project, a research certification (previously the Investigator Financial Interest Disclosure) must be filed.

All personnel who are considered KEY on a grant proposal must complete and file a project specific Conflict of Interest form.

Additional guidance on NYU’s Conflict of Interest policy and procedures can be found here.