Teaching Resources

GPH is here to help our teaching faculty with everything from proposing new courses, to staying up-to-date on NYU policies, to taking teaching-intensive workshops.

NYU Resources

  • Academic Calendar - consult the Academic Calendar for important semester dates, holidays, and schedules.
  • Center for the Advancement of Teaching - Established in 2001, and renamed in 2013, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching supports and nurtures effective teaching and learning at New York University. The Center promotes an ongoing, university-wide discussion about teaching and learning matters, striving both to facilitate and contribute to that conversation, and provides practical resources to members of the NYU community to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Copyright and Other Information
  • Faculty Grading Guides
  • Final Exam Schedules
  • Grading Scale
  • How to Pull Grades from 'NYU Classes'
  • Incomplete Grade Request Form - Incomplete grades should only be given in special cases such a medical emergency or family crisis.
  • Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
  • NYU Classes - NYU Classes is an online learning system that enables NYU faculty to use the web to enhance classroom instruction. Instructors can use NYU Classes to create full-featured, online course environments for the members of their class to provide content sharing, collaborative capabilities, assignment and other assessment tools as well as Gradebook functionality.
  • Policy on Religious Holidays
  • Textbook Orders
  • Turnitin - Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention and detection tool, an additional feature added to NYU Classes and licensed by NYU for use by all faculty. Turnitin compares student document submissions to several sources: previous student submissions, the Internet, and several databases containing periodicals, journals, and other publications.

Additional Teaching Resources

Syllabus-Specific Resources

Below are resources to assist you putting your course syllabus together. For questions about syllabi and new course proposals, please contact Lisa Kroin, Assistant Director, Registration & Academic Services, at lisa.kroin@nyu.edu.

Documents needed for submitting course proposals:

Additional recommended resources: