Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)
Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

The highest degree in the public health profession, the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) is designed to provide public health professionals with leadership, analytic, policy, and communication skills.

GPH uses an interdisciplinary approach in its curriculum, focusing on data and analysis; management and governance; and education and workforce development.

Successful applicants will have relevant work experience and a clear sense of why they wish to pursue a DrPH. They will be trained by an interdisciplinary group of dedicated faculty who are leading scholars and experts in public health research and practice, and they will benefit from practice opportunities across NYU’s expansive global network.


Graduates of the DrPH program will learn to:

  • Allocate resources efficiently and effectively by developing persuasive investment cases and budgets for public health programs and strategies;
  • Produce compelling and effective communication programs in public health;
  • Design collaborative strategies to build high-performance teams and organizations;
  • Apply systems thinking and strategy to develop innovative approaches and creative solutions to public health challenges;
  • Ensure that research and practice incorporate principles of ethics, equity, and minimization of disparities by demonstrating integrity, honesty, professionalism and ethical practices; and by applying a social justice framework to understand the health of individuals, communities, and populations.


Graduates of the DrPH program will assume leadership positions as senior practitioners and community leaders worldwide. The degree prepares public health professionals who wish to lead, teach, practice or conduct applied research on the most challenging global public health issues.

Admission Requirements:

Prospective students are expected to hold a master’s degree (e.g., in epidemiology, international affairs, nutrition, nursing, public health, public policy, or social work). However, students entering the program with a graduate degree but without an MPH are required to take the five core, pre-requisite courses before matriculating into the program.

Applicants to the DrPH must submit the following documentation for review:

  1. A curriculum vitae;
  2. Three letters of recommendation;
  3. A personal statement explaining why they’re interested in the program;
  4. An official copy of transcripts from all institutions attended or attending