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The I AM GPH podcast brings you community conversations from the New York University School of Global Public Health. From student internships to cutting edge faculty research, from alumni insights to the insider scoop on campus life… it's all right here on the I AM GPH podcast.

Latest Episodes

EP145 Shaping the Future of Global Health at NYU with Dr. Mark Jit

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EP144 The Future of Smart Farming with Gilwoo Lee

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EP143 Narratives of Global Health with Cat Hartwell

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EP142 HIV Prevention and Global Health Equity with John Meade

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EP141 Food Systems and Maternal Health with Dr. Brennan Rhodes-Bratton

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EP140 Advocacy at the Forefront with Nura Anwar

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More Episodes

🎧 EP139 Psychosocial Insights from Vietnam and Beyond with PhuongThao (PT) Le

🎧 EP138 Beyond the Resume: Public Health Career Q&A with Meagan Dugan and Gabby Sanes

🎧 EP137 Fieldwork Findings: Researching Lead Contaminations with Hsin-Yi Chang and Jordan Neisler

🎧 EP136 Kodaikanal Chronicles: Studying Abroad with Liz Carr, Dhriti Gaur and Jahnavi Munagala

🎧 EP135 From Spanish Harlem to Health Tech with Francesca Mendez

🎧 EP134 Mission Nutrition with Rachel Ryan

🎧 EP133 Climate Change and Disease Elimination with Hyacinth Burrows

🎧 EP132 Engineering Wellness with Nawal Panjwani

🎧 EP131 Lessons in Global Health Leadership with Dr. Michael Merson

🎧 EP130 Patient-Centered Care and Health Literacy with Alyson Lippel

🎧 EP129 Exploring Geospatial Science and Health Equity with Dr. Prince Michael Amegbor

🎧 EP128 Harnessing Data Science for Cardiovascular Health with The Novartis Foundation

🎧 EP127 Health Equity and Social Justice with Dr. Anna-Michelle McSorley

🎧 EP126 The Nachan Project with Gina de la Chesnaye

🎧 EP125 Pathways into Quantitative Aging Research (PQAR) Program with Dr. Betensky & Vardia Duterville 

🎧 EP124 Optimizing Public Health Interventions with Dr. Linda Collins

🎧 EP123 Nonprofit Leadership with Mentalla Ismail

🎧 EP122 CASJPH - NYU’s Center for Anti-racism, Social Justice & Public Health

🎧 EP121 Rebuilding a Resilient Ukraine with HealthRight's Dr. Theresa Castillo 

🎧 EP120 The Reality Behind Pharma with DeRonn Kidd 

🎧 EP119 Engineering a Healthier Future with Dr. Rumi Chunara

🎧 EP118 Finding Your Entrepreneurial Path with Joshua Prasad

🎧 EP117 From Michelin Star Chef to NYU GPH with Michael Burbella

🎧 EP116 A Grant Writing MasterClass with Jackie Saltarelli

🎧 EP115 Student Ambassadors: The NYU GPH Journey

🎧 EP114 Student Ambassadors: Day One at NYU GPH

🎧 EP113 Tackling an Asian American Infodemic with Shahmir Ali and Stella Chong

🎧 EP112 The Risks of Copycat Cannabis Edibles with Dr. Danielle Ompad

🎧 EP111 Managing NYC’s Largest Hospital with Dr. José Pagán and Helen Arteaga Landaverde

🎧 EP110 Navigating Mental Health and Stigma with Lawrence Yang

🎧 EP109 Pivoting to Public Health with Sara Bond and Lisa Daronatsy

🎧 EP108 Protecting Our Essential Workers with Dr. Robyn Gershon

🎧 EP107 Sports Nutrition & Public Health with Samantha Harris 

🎧 EP105 New York City’s COVID-19 Journey with Dr. Ted Long

🎧 EP103 How to find your Public Health Path with James Betz, MPH ‘12

🎧 EP102 Polygeia: Universal Healthcare and MHealth

🎧 EP101 Heart Health and Ultra-processed foods with Dr. Niyati Parekh and Dr. Filippa Juul 

🎧 EP100 The SAHARA Initiative: Championing South Asian Health Research

🎧 EP99 Healthcare of a Thousand Slights with Anjana Sreedhar

🎧 EP98 The Black Women’s Health Collective: Making Space in Public Health Through Intersectionality

🎧 EP97 Mental Health and Artificial Intelligence with Besa Bauta

🎧 EP96 Clean Water Rights with Jackie Young-Medcalf of THEA

🎧 EP95 Medical Innovation Policy and the COVID Vaccine with Jocelyn Ulrich

🎧 EP94 Launching a Digital Health Startup with Ashlee Wisdom, MPH ‘18

🎧 EP93 Public Policy Symposium on Public Health 2020 with Pavel Shirley & Sonia Wiecek

🎧 EP92 Nutrition in the Digital Age with Dr. Marie Bragg and Amaal Alruwaily

🎧 EP91 The Dynamics of Private Public Partnerships with Samara Mbugua

🎧 EP90 Emergency Preparedness with Noor Jamal, Stephanie Parchment, and Cesar Figueroa

🎧 EP89 Beauty, Femicide, and Social Innovation Through The South African Lens with Mulanga Muofhe

🎧 EP88 Health Tech and the Evolving Public Health Domain with Vivienne La

🎧 EP87 COVID-19 Knowledge and the Journey to Ph.D. with Shahmir Ali

🎧 EP86 Emergency Management on the Frontlines in NYC with Johanna Miele

🎧 EP85 Honoring Indigenous Voices with Sutton King, MPH ‘20

🎧 EP84 Organizational Cognition with Dr. Alden Lai

🎧 EP83 Global Issues in Public Health Nutrition Niyati Parekh and Earlene Cruz

🎧 EP82 What you should know about PhDs with Dr. Ben Spoer

🎧 EP81 Diversity in Public Health Academia with Dean Cheryl Healton and Dr. Melody Goodman

🎧 EP80 Fighting for Immigrants’ Rights with Ben Wagner

🎧 EP79 Songs About Ebola and the Power of Radio in Global Health Communication with Dr. Carlos Chirinos

🎧 EP78 Coronavirus and Misinformation with Dr. Robyn Gershon, Dr. Rachael Piltch-Loeb and Suiyue Cui

🎧 EP77 Aging, Disasters, and Resilience with Dr. Alexis Merdjanoff

🎧 EP76 Championing Harm Reduction with Danielle Ompad

🎧 Healthright Frontline Health Workers: Salim Furaha, Kenya

🎧 EP74 Myths of the Oral Microbiome with Quip's Chief Dental Advisor Dr. Burhenne

🎧 Healthright Frontline Health Workers: Safina Yusuf, Uganda

🎧 EP72 Can Democratic Deliberation Help Us to Resolve Difficult Issues? A discussion with Dr. Amy Gutmann

🎧 EP71 Mindfulness and Meditation with Dr. LeConté Dill

🎧 EP70 Alcohol Consumption and the Global Burden of Disease with Adam Karpati

🎧 EP69 Environmental Sustainability with Cecil Scheib, NYU’s Chief Sustainability Officer

🎧 EP68 Exploring Career Paths in Public Health LIVE

🎧 EP67 Designing Digital Health Solutions with Avanthi Hulugalle

🎧 EP66 UniteUs with Rachel McMillan

🎧 EP65 Lifespan Project with Dr. José Pagán and Kelley Akiya

🎧 EP64 Preemption of Gun Laws with Jennifer Pomeranz and Diana Silver

🎧 EP63 Maximizing your GPH Experience: A Student Panel featuring Dennis Hilgendorf, Francesca Minardi and Niveditha Narasimhan

🎧 EP62 Introducing Amy Diawara, GPH's Student Governing Council Graduate President

🎧 EP61 Pure Earth - Addressing Toxic Pollution on a Global Scale

🎧 EP60 Bioethical Decision-making in Healthcare with Jamie Webb

🎧 EP59 NYU Department of Public Safety Internship with Becca Glenn

🎧 Healthright Frontline Health Workers: Jeremy Silverman, PhD, New York, NY, USA

🎧 EP57 2018 Healthcare Makerthon Winner: Upright with Nicole Parada

🎧 EP56 Undeterred - Community Resistance in the Rural Border Town of Arivaca, Arizona

🎧 Healthright Frontline Health Workers: Anna Koroliova, Odessa, Ukraine

🎧 EP54 Interview Strategies for Public Health Careers with Miriam Miller

🎧 EP53 CariedAway with Richard Niederman, Pratik Dey Sourav and Habib Benzian

🎧 EP52 PCI Media with Meesha Brown

🎧 EP51 Omnicom Health Group with Mary Pace

🎧 EP50 Make Peace, Not War: An Interview with Seth Shelden, JD

🎧 EP49 Live from the 2019 Public Health Career Expo [Part 2]

🎧 EP48 Live from the 2019 Public Health Career Expo [Part 1]

🎧 EP47 Andrea Levy and the Buen Provecho - Eat Well Pilot

🎧 EP46 Leadership and Impact in the Social and Behavioral Sciences with Dr. Ralph DiClemente

🎧 EP45 Bioethics Club with Sarah Rezendes and Elise Blegen

🎧 EP44 Building a Path to a Food Secure Future with City Harvest

🎧 EP43 Live from the 2019 NYC Epidemiology Forum [Part 2]

🎧 EP42 Live from the 2019 NYC Epidemiology Forum [Part 1]

🎧 EP41 Gearing Up with the Community Preparedness + Response (CPR) Club

🎧 EP40 Pre-emption in Public Health with Jennifer Pomeranz

🎧 EP39 OneWorld Health Internship in Uganda with Dr. Elizabeth Discolo, Sarah Bender and Felicity Duran

🎧 EP38 Humanitarian Mapping with Youthmappers NYU

🎧 EP37 Startup Life and Public Health with Hyder Waheed

🎧 EP36 iskwé - Improving the Health of Indigenous Communities Through Music

🎧 EP35 Urban Health and Governance with Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford

🎧 EP34 UNICEF Internship in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh with Emily Holzman, Jessie Drescher, and Corbin Kappler

🎧 EP33 LGBTI Health, Queer Migration and Refugees with Michael B. Clark

🎧 EP32 Exclusive Q&A with Mitch Zeller, Director of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products

🎧 EP31 Oral Health as a Basic Human Right with Dr. Fabiola Milord

🎧 EP30 Welcome to The Good Country with Simon Anholt and Madeline Hung

🎧 EP29 The Empower Lab with Anna Chessky and Nicole Acero

🎧 EP28 Implementation Science Lab with Chisom Obiezu-Umeh & Milena Dalton

🎧 EP27 The SocioConnect App with Semran Thamer

🎧 EP26 The "Doing It NYC" App with Dr. Marybec Griffin

🎧 EP25 Working with Incarcerated Individuals with Siddharth Raich

🎧 EP24 Noncommunicable Disease (NCD) Research in Sub-Saharan Africa with Temitope Ojo and Andrew Tusubira 

🎧 EP23 Research in Public Health Nutrition with Dr. Niyati Parekh, Tanya Braune, Alomi Malkan and Christian Victoria

🎧 EP22 Amplifying Your Public Health Message with Chris Alexander 

🎧 EP21 GPH Student Governing Council with Mckenzie Pickett and Ashwini Nagappan

🎧 EP20 Migrant Health in the Mediterranean with Dr. Nathan Bertelsen

🎧 EP19 The Emp(a)t(h)y App with Natasha Puri

🎧 EP18 The Cross-Continental MPH Experience with Rory Curtin

🎧 EP17 NGO Work with Alex Bragg

🎧 EP16 Individual Capstone Project with Anne Mattson

🎧 EP15 Human Rights Clinic with Lauren Pesso

🎧 EP14 Ending the Epidemic by 2020 with Charlie Ferrusi 

🎧 EP13 MapMob Project by the NYU mHealth Lab Research Group

🎧 EP12 Study Abroad with PhD Student Sasha Guttentag 

🎧 EP11 Mehreen Arif, NYU Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights Recipient

🎧 EP10 The Tobacco Research Lab with Dr. David Abrams, Dr. Raymond Niaura and Mahathi Vojjala

🎧 EP09 Exploring Bottleneck Analysis with Pratik Sourav

🎧 EP08 International Student Life at NYU with Shalom Igwe & Ayushi Bhargava

🎧 EP07 Adefunke Ajenikoko, Ellen Gstalder Memorial Scholarship Winner

🎧 EP06 The Applied Global Public Health Initiative Lab with Kiera Bloch & Pratik Sourav

🎧 EP05 The Future of Gene Editing with Siddhartha Mukherjee and S. Matthew Liao

🎧 EP04 Interning at the NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene with Amila Samarabandu

🎧 Ep03 Interning at the UN Medical Services Division with Sonakshee Shree

🎧 EP02 Networking Inside and Outside NYU with Dipali Unadkat

🎧 EP01 Health and Human Rights at NYU with Mehreen Arif and Lindsey Killett

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