Operations and Facilities Contacts

Campus Media SupportClassroom Media Services and Event Media Services
Email: campusmedia@nyu.edu
Phone Extension: 82655
Desktop SupportThe Desktop Support team provides your department help and technical support relating to IT services, software, and fixing computer equipment.
Email: it.desktop@nyu.edu (cc: gph.operations@nyu.edu)
Phone Extension: 83333
FCM Client Services Center (Building Facilities)Unlocking your office door, temperature control, water leaks and dripping, leaky bathroom faucets or clogs, malfunctioning lights, smells & unpleasant odors.
Email: contactcsc@nyu.edu (cc: gph.operations@nyu.edu)
Phone Extension: 81001
Campus Safety (General)Call for incidents of non-violent theft, suspicious activity, trespassing, inquiries regarding security services in buildings, including ID cards and CC camera footage and all other non-violent crimes.
Phone Extension: 82222
Campus Safety (708 Broadway Security Desk)Phone: 212-998-2096
TelecommunicationRequest for Telephone (Business) services regarding technical issues, voicemail reset/access.
Email: askit@nyu.edu
Phone Extension: 83333