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Participating in University Life is a stimulating and ongoing experience that blooms with fresh opportunities throughout your time at NYU. 

The NYU School of Global Public Health campus is not enclosed by gates or walls but rather blends with the vibrant streets of New York City. Students join one of the world’s most creative cities – a center for finance, cultural institutions, international affairs, the arts, and research – as they become creators of new knowledge. There are numerous opportunities for our graduate students to get involved in campus life and to take full advantage of living in one of the world’s dynamic capital cities

Taking advantage of all New York City has to offer is an essential aspect of the NYU experience.

The NYU GPH Office of Student Affairs strives to enhance the student experience and foster community by organizing gatherings, outings, and special events. Events and social gatherings are also regularly announced by email or posted here, so be on the lookout.

The resources listed below will help you begin to explore life in the city. 

Explore how you can get involved!


GPH Student Government and Organizations

The NYU GPH Office of Student Affairs encourages your full participation in the student life of the School by engaging with one of the groups below. 


Students also run a wide variety of organizations and activities that enrich their everyday experience at NYU GPH.

Many memorable moments at GPH happen outside the classroom. 

With more than 15 student organizations, GPH lets you pursue the activities you’ve always loved, discover new passions, and find people who share your interests.

Joining is a great way for you to become more connected and engaged during your graduate school experience.

GPH Student Governing Council (SGC)

Hi GPH! We’re the Student Governing Council and we act as the umbrella student organization for all student groups at the School of Global Public Health. This group of motivated students was elected to serve on behalf of the general student body. SGC works to foster a sense of community, promote leadership and professional development opportunities, and oversee the creation of new student groups. Look forward to our programming for Public Health Week and we hope to see you there!

GPH SGC Constitution - Rev 2023 (Download the SGC Constitution here) 

2022-2023 Representatives

  • Graduate President: Zoe Howard
  • Undergraduate President: Iman Zermeno
  • University Senator: Jisha Puri
  • University Alternate Senator: Titi Felege
  • Graduate Events Officer: Liz (Elizabeth) Gomez
  • Undergraduate Events Officer: Gianna Jirak
  • Secretary: Aimee Park 
  • Communications Officer: Olivia Morris
  • Financial Officer: Kajal Gupta
  • Graduate Representative: TBD Fall '24
  • Undergraduate Representative: TBD Fall '24
  • Online Graduate Representative: TBD Fall '24
  • Doctoral Representative: TBD Fall '24

Connect with SGC on Instagram and Facebook or email them at

1 - Bioethics 

Bioethics @ NYU is an undergraduate student-run organization that promotes interest in bioethics outside the classroom. The club is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all NYU colleges and schools. Through facilitated discussion and debate, guest lectures, film screenings, and special events, students are encouraged to consider the multitude of bioethical issues facing our world today. 

For more information, visit our website, connect with us on Facebook, or email us at

2 - Black Public Health Network (BPHN)

The Black Public Health Network is dedicated to increasing the likelihood of success for Black students at the School of Global Public Health through the creation and facilitation of education & community programming, professional networks, and other resources

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at

3 - Black Woman Health Collective (BWHC) 

The Black Woman Health Collective (BWHC) aims to support and encourage the leadership of Black women in public health. We do this by highlighting experiences and opportunities related to Black women’s health outcomes. Our events and activities include professional development, discussion panels, volunteering, and many more.

Connect with us on Facebook, and Instagram, or email us at

4 - Epidemiology Prevention Infectious Control (EPIC) 

The EPIC club's main goal is to create bonds between the students of NYU GPH while learning and giving back to the public health community, with a focus on engaging with current Epidemiologic advances both in the US and globally. We strive to create an environment where students feel heard and set them up for success on their journeys regarding coursework and post-grad life.

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at

5 - First Generation & Low-Income Society (FGLIS)

The mission of our club is to foster a close-knit community of first-generation and/or low-income students affiliated with NYU’s College of GPH and to encourage these underrepresented students to engage in public health resources and events both on and off campus. Through the promotion of volunteering, professional development, and research opportunities, students will develop the leadership skills necessary to emerge as future trailblazers in various domains of public health. Our club started with the idea that we wanted to fill in a gap at GPH because we realized that no existing club was exclusively meant for First-generation and/or low-income identifying students here.

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at

6 - GPH International Student Society (GISS)

The GPH International Students Society (GISS) is a student organization that represents the GPH international student body. GISS focuses on helping international students to be part of the GPH global community and supports their transition into campus life and adjustment to the American culture, enabling them to build professional relationships, and share the cultural richness of public health experiences. 

GISS cultivates a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic community for students from every corner of the world, providing a forum through which members can come together to celebrate differences and achievements alike, share experiences and stories,  raise concerns, and most importantly, build a strong community of future public health advocates. GPH ISS is a place where we grow and help others grow with us. 

GISS hosts social and cultural events, academic lectures, and professional and networking events to celebrate the diversity of GPH’s student body and give international students the unique experience of living and studying in New York City.

Connect with us by emailing us at issgph@nyu.eduFacebookInstagram @issgph, or Linkedin.


7 - Health and Human Rights Association (HHRA)

The Health & Human Rights Association aims to foster community around issues of social justice within the New York University (NYU), New York City, and the global community. We intend to raise awareness among NYU students, faculty, staff, and other professionals regarding the complete interdependence of health and human rights to bridge the gap between scholarship, research, policy, and practice.

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at


8 - Muslim Public Health Network (MPHN)

Muslim Public Health Network (MPHN) is a student-led organization that aspires to empower Muslim public health professionals at NYU GPH, envisioning a vibrant community where networking and skill-sharing become a part of our collective growth.

Connect with us on Instagram or by emailing us at


9 - Nutrition without Borders (NwB)

Nutrition without Borders (NwB) is a student-led organization dedicated to domestic and global food, nutrition, and health equity issues. Our work intends to highlight how race, gender, class, age, ability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and immigration status can impact access to adequate nutrition and the broader role nutrition plays in public health. The mission of NwB is to increase student involvement in these issues through advocacy, education, and outreach, starting with the New York University community. 

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at


10 - Polygeia

Polygeia NYU is a student-led global health think-tank established to empower students to research and write policies on global health issues. We work on a range of both internal and externally commissioned projects and are based across Cambridge, London, Oxford, New York, and Hong Kong. Polygeia was founded in 2014 and teams have previously worked on projects for various governmental and nonprofit groups including the NHS, APPG Africa, Public Health England, Lepra, and so on.

For more information, visit the Polygeia website! Connect with us on Facebook, or Instagram or email us at


11 - Public Health and Medicine Society (PHAM)

The Public Health and Medicine (PHAM) Society aims to create a dialogue around the pivotal intersection of public health and clinical medicine in the prevention and control of disease. The PHAM Society also aims to help pre-medical and post-medical students achieve their career goals by providing scientific research and community service opportunities. We are committed to raising awareness of health inequality and inequity in marginalized populations by collaborating with humanitarian NGOs and hosting informative guest lectures.

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at

12 - Queer Health Collective (QHC)

To build a safe queer community for GPH students by creating an inclusive space that consists of students, staff, and faculty from marginalized backgrounds. We will create awareness, representation, and impact at GPH.

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at

13 - South Asian Health AwaReness Club (SAHAR)

The South Asian Health AwaReness Club (SAHAR) grew out of the South Asian Health and Research Group, and we are a brand new club at GPH! Our club aims to address SA health disparities through awareness, multidisciplinary collaborations, and community and student involvement in the field of public health. We hope you become a SAHAR member on NYU Engage and follow us on Instagram at @nyu_sahar to view our upcoming events each semester!

Connect with us on Instagram or visit the SAHAR website! Email us at

14 - Student Association of Healthcare Management (SAHM) 

HCO provides a platform to assist GPH students in gaining the skills and exposure to enter the consulting industry. Although this club focuses on the healthcare industry, through workshops, seminars, panels, casing practice, and case competitions, HCO aims to equip all members with the toolkit for the recruitment process for all types of industries serviced by consulting firms.

Connect with us on Instagram or email us at

15 - Women in Medicine (WiM) 

Women in Medicine (WIM) is dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering community for undergraduate and graduate women interested in pursuing careers in medicine. We seek to champion diversity, inclusion, and excellence in the medical field by providing a platform that facilitates connections, resources, and opportunities for women of all identities, with a special focus on those from underrepresented communities.

Connect with us on Instagram or by emailing us at

Living in NYC 

The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, the Capital of the World: whatever you call it, New York is an exciting place to live. There’s always a new restaurant to try, museum to visit, or Broadway play to catch. The world lives here, too - from Astoria to Brighton Beach to Chinatown, you can hear just about any language spoken on our streets (and try any cuisine, too!) 

Despite its reputation, New York can also be an affordable city to live in. From student discounts to countless cheap eats options, you don’t have to break the bank to go to grad school.

For additional information visit also the Incoming Student page (Moving to the U.S. & Exploring NYC).

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

New York City is a cultural hotspot where there is always something waiting to be experienced. Explore below to see how you can tap into cultural event offerings at NYU. 

 NYU Museum Gateway

What better way to maintain your sense of well-being than with art? New York City has more than its fair share of the world’s most renowned art institutions with NYU’s Museum Gateway providing free admission to a number of them by showing your NYUCard.  And, if not, most museums have “free days.” 

The University also has several galleries that are operated by NYU departments, students, professors, and groups. And a stroll through any one of the boroughs is almost sure to have you crossing paths with private galleries, street artists, or mural art on the sides of buildings.

➪ NYU Box Office 

New York City has endless opportunities for experiencing theater, music, and dance, on-and off - Broadway. 

By visiting the NYU Box Office in-person with you NYUCard or using your NYU email online, NYU students can:

  • Purchase discounted tickets to Broadway shows, plays, operas, ballet performances, and even sporting events using ScholasTix a service that provides discounted tickets an exclusive service for the NYU community. Check here for a full list of available shows can be found here. 
  • purchase group tickets to virtually any music, opera or dance event in the New York City area and help you find the best prices!
  • Purchase discounted movie passes and concessions vouchers for different theater chains.
  • Buy Six Flags Vouchers.
  • Use the Discount Finder for other ways to find a discount.

The main box office can be reached by emailing, or by calling 212-998-4941. To contact an NYU Box Office representative for purchasing group tickets specifically, email, call 212-992-8256.

➪ Music Ensembles

Orchestras, choirs, and music ensembles are sponsored by NYU Steinhardt some of which are open to NYU students from all schools and majors, as well as community members.

Graduate Student Resource Center

The Graduate Student Resource Center is a hub that provides services for all graduate students at the University and offers everything from programs on money management and trips to the Met to off-campus resources and English conversation workshops.

What is The Center for Student Life?

University-Wide Clubs & Organizations

With over 300 All-Square clubs and hundreds of others across the individual schools, NYU has endless ways for students to engage with one another based on interest, industry, identity, and more. All-square clubs are listed in NYU Engage. NYU Engage allows students to connect directly with club leaders online, and helps club leaders manage membership and budgets. All NYU students have access to Engage, simply use your NetID to log in and start browsing for clubs now

If you are interested in getting involved in sustainability and environmental matters, NYU has a specific list of clubs with an environmental focus.

Neighborhood Resources & Student Discounts

Take advantage of your student life. Many shops and restaurants offer students discounts of 10% or more for NYU students, but don’t stop there: keep your NYU student ID on you at all times, and don’t be shy about asking for a student rate!

See below for a listing of commonly requested resources and discounts:

Visit this page for a full list of student discounts in NYC (Restaurants, Retail Stores, Transportations and Entertainment). 

Note: the websites on this page are provided to assist you with your search based on feedback from other students who found the sites helpful. Please keep in mind that NYU does not have any relationship with these companies and inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement.

Commuter & Off-Campus Students

The Commuter & Off-Campus Student Programs is designed to promote a sense of belonging among commuter students while offering programs to enhance wellness, academic success, and student connections within NYU.

Students with Children

It can be challenging trying to be a parent and a student at the same time. Just by being a parent and a student, you have already proven that nothing is unreachable, and that you have great strength and determination. 

Visit the Students with Children website where you will find a number of resources that may be helpful to you as you balance both these roles. 

➪ Lactation Rooms

NYU provides access to lactation rooms, private, dedicated spaces to comfortably and conveniently express milk. Lactation rooms are available throughout our campuses and administrative buildings (closed Sundays). 

A valid NYU ID card must be presented for access. View the Lactation Rooms & Scheduling for the NYU community (NOTE: you must be logged in to NYU Home to view the document).

Students in the Military and Veterans

New York University is committed to providing an environment for veterans to pursue their academic and personal goals, explore learning experiences, and be involved in campus life. Visit this page to connect with University resources and engage with NYU and NYC. Reach out to if you have any questions.

Undocumented Students

NYU President Andrew Hamilton sent a message to the NYU community which made clear that undocumented students will continue to be treated exactly as all other students at NYU with regard to housing, privacy, and all other matters. Visit this page for common questions and updates as they become available, and link to resources.

Additionally, the NYU’s Immigrant Defense Initiative provides free legal advice, referrals, and/or representation on immigration issues to NYU students, staff, and faculty. 

Members of the NYU community can schedule a confidential consultation with an Immigrant Defense Initiative attorney by phone at 212-998-6640, or by email at

Transfer Students

The Transfer Student Programs component of the Center for Student Life focuses on students transferring or visiting from other universities, as well as those students transitioning from our abroad sites.