Registration & Schedules

NYU will continue to be in-person in Summer and Fall 2022. All GPH undergraduate courses will be in person and the majority of the GPH graduate courses will be in-person, though we will still be offering our regular online courses, indicated by the 5000-level course number. Be sure to review the information in all the columns of the relevant schedule below. Graduate students may filter on the schedule by concentration/program to see which courses you are eligible to enroll in.

  • Incoming Graduate Students --> Click here to learn how to activate your NYU Net ID and set up your NYU email account, and register for classes. 
  • Continuing Graduate Students --> please read the Registration Checklist to fully prepare for registration!
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Courses for Fall 2022 are currently viewable. Registration begins on Monday, April 25th. Summer registration is still open. 

Graduate students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their program's/concentration's degree requirements. On the Concentrations page, you will find links to all concentration and program landing pages where you can find a list of degree requirements, a program sequence, concentration checklist which you can use to track and plan your degree requirements, and more. Similar details can be found on the landing pages for students in the MS in Biostatistics and Epidemiology programs.

Be sure to review the Registration Checklist when planning for course registration!

Courses for Fall 2022 are currently viewable and registration begins on Monday, April 25th. You can view your exact enrollment appointment in Albert. Courses are open only to GPH majors, undeclared CAS students, and Liberal Studies majors for the first week of registration. All courses except for UGPH-GU 60, will open to all continuing undergraduate students on Monday, May 2nd.

Undergraduate students must consult the majors page when mapping out your degree plan. Please note that elective requirements vary by combined major and relevant electives used to fulfill the requirement may be taken either through the GPH major (starting with UGPH-GU) or through the home school department. **Pre-health courses DO NOT count towards students combined major electives.**

As of Spring 2020, all core GPH courses (see below) have a pre-requisite of UGPH-GU 10 Health & Society in a Global World (this course may also be taken as a co-requisite with another core GPH course). In addition, UGPH-GU 60 Undergraduate Experiential Learning in Global Public Health, has these three pre-requisites: UGPH-GU 10, UGPH-GU 20, and UGPH-GU 30. GPH/Applied Psychology students may take PSYCH-UA 10 in lieu of UGPH-GU 20; GPH/Biology students take BIOL-UA 42 in lieu of UGPH-GU 20. 

Core Courses

UGPH-GU 10  Health and Society in a Global Context    
UGPH-GU 20  Biostatistics for Public Health
UGPH-GU 30  Epidemiology for Global Health
UGPH-GU 40  Health Policy in a Global World
UGPH-GU 50  Environmental Health in a Global World
UGPH-GU 60  Undergraduate Experiential Learning in Global Public Health (team-based)*
UGPH-GU 60  Undergraduate Experiential Learning in Global Public Health (individual project)*

*students choose one of these