Dual Degree in Public Administration (MPA/MPH)

This interdisciplinary, three-year program with the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service provides the necessary skills for you to pursue professional careers in both public administration and public health, prepare you for leadership roles in community healthcare settings, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in the United States and internationally. At completion of this full-time program, you will have earned a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a Master of Public Health (MPH), starting you off in a prime position for advanced career options in either field.

You can choose from two MPA options:

Dual Degree in Public Administration (MPA/MPH) Program Sequence

Year One

Fall (15 credits)

GPH-GU 2106 Epidemiology (3)
GPH-GU 2120 Foundations of Global Health (3)
GPH-GU 5380 Data-Driven Decision Making in Global Public Health (3)
GPH-GU 5171 Global Health Informatics Workshop (0)
GPH-GU 5175 Readings in the History & Philosophy of Public Health I (0)
CORE-GP 1018 Microeconomics (3)
CORE-GP 1022 Intro to Public Policy (3)
Spring (15 credits)

GPH-GU 2995 Biostatistics for Public Health (3)
GPH-GU 2190 Essentials of Public Health Biology (3)
GPH-GU 5220 Accelerating Progress Towards Health-Related SDGs (3)
GPH-GU 5180 Readings in the History & Philosophy of Public Health II (0)
GPH-GU 5185 Readings in the History & Philosophy of Public Health III (0)
CORE-GP 1021 Financial Management (3)
CORE-GP 1020 Managing Public Service Orgs (3)

Year Two

Fall (15 credits)

GPH-GU 2110 Health Care Policy (1.5)
GPH-GU 2112 Public Health Management & Leadership (1.5)
GPH-GU 2140 Global Issues in Social & Behavioral Health (3)
MPA Specialization Course 1 (3)
MPA Specialization Course 2 (3)
Spring (12 credits)

GPH-GU 2153 Global Environmental Health (3)
MPH Elective 1 (3)
MPA Specialization Course 3 (3)
MPA Specialization Course 4 (3)

Year Three

Fall (10.5 credits)

MPH Elective 2 (3)
MPH Elective 3 (3)
MPA Specialization Course 5 (3)
Capstone: Advanced Project I (1.5)
Spring (4.5 credits)

MPA Elective Course (3)
Capstone: Advanced Project II (1.5)


For More Information:

For prospective students:

NYU Master of Public Health Program
Zachary Maggio, PhD
Associate Dean of Enrollment Management 
Fax: 212-995-4877

NYU Wagner Admissions
(212) 998-7414

For current students:

Current MPH students may reach out to Dr. Chris Dickey at cpd202@nyu.edu.

MPH-MPH Program Advisement (Wagner)
Scott Statland
Associate Director, Advisement & Student Services
(212) 992-8717

MPA/MPH Course Checklist

The MPA/MPH checklist outlines the degree requirements for the dual degree, as well as which core and concentration courses have pre-requisites. Use this tool as you move along in the program to help keep track of the courses you’ve taken, as well as what’s up next.