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Firearm Injury in the United States: Facts, Myths and a Public Health Path Forward

Dr. Rebecca Cunningham discusses the importance of changing our gun control narrative, explains her upstream approach to preventing gun violence, and lays out evidence-based solutions to this problem.

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Lessons Learned: Pandemic Prevention, Vaccine Practices & Countering Disinformation

Anna Harvey, Celine Gounder, and Mike Merson discuss the lessons learned and not learned from COVID-19 in research, development and implementation as well as ways to improve pandemic response and how to counter disinformation.

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Emerging Leaders 2023 Showcase

Twelve talented students speak about a wide variety of public health subjects, ranging from the YIMBY phenomenon to antimicrobial resistance, and show just how their life experience has influenced their passion.

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2022 Post-Event Features

William C. Stubing Memorial Lecture: Are Robots Racist?

Ruha Benjamin joins Meghna Chakrabarti for a timely conversation exploring ethical issues in artificial intelligence and automation in healthcare, with a focus on racial equity.

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Ukraine: Public Health at Risk

Drs. Jack Caravanos, Peter Navario, Anne O’Donnell and Danielle Ompad explain the difficulty of fulfilling physical and mental needs for Ukrainian refugees and rising radiation levels at Chernobyl.

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The Time is Now: Deciding Our Climate Future

Congresswoman Meng discusses environmental justice with Drs. Sonali McDermid and William Rom, speaking about the urgency of environmental reform, the need to standardize energy efficiency, and energy accountability.

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Monkeypox: Your Questions Answered

Drs. Debra Furr-Holden, Don Des Jarlais, Farzana Kapadia, and Danielle Ompad explain signs and symptoms of Monkeypox and the importance of limiting transmission and tackling this crisis as a community.

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The Promise & Perils of Applying AI for Health Equity

NYU GPH, the Novartis Foundation, and Microsoft AI4Health come together to launch the AI4HealthyCities Health Equity Network and emphasize the importance of data-driven interventions for health equity.

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Post-Roe America: Women’s Reproductive Health in the Crosshairs

Ann Marie Beddoe, Helen Arteaga Landaverde, and Laurie Zephyrin examine historical racism in reproductive care and analyze the dangerous implications of the Roe v. Wade decision for women of color.

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2021 Post-Event Features

William C. Stubing Memorial Lecture: Ethical Challenges of COVID-19

Anthony Fauci, Christine Grady and Sanjay Gupta consider how to ethically communicate while constantly adjusting to new data and providing lifesaving information to global audiences.

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What COVID-19 Vaccines Reveal: Myth & Reality of Post-Colonial Global Health

Public health experts from Ghana and the United States discuss the impact of colonialism on African healthcare, the need for equitable resource-sharing, and the urgency of vaccine distribution.

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Bridging the Chasm: Improving Population Health via the Private Sector

The Healthcare Consulting Student Club hosts Julie Avrutine, Christine Juday, Jason Spangler, and Alden Lai to discuss their career trajectories and provide advice on public health careers in the private sector.

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When Misinformation Goes Viral: Using TikTok to Fight COVID-19 Disinformation

Physicians and TikTok stars Eric Burnett, Katrine Wallace, and Siyab Panhwar speak to Dr. Carlos Chirinos about the pros and cons of using online stardom to fight misinformation.

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What We Know About Omicron: Guidance for the Holidays

Celine Gounder, Elodie Ghedin and Michael Merson explain the latest news regarding Omicron and analyze how it compares to the previous variants.

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2020 Post-Event Features

William C. Stubing Memorial Lecture: Whose Pain Matters?

Professor Keith Wailoo reflects on the twin epidemics of COVID-19 and structural racism, envisioning a society where values of decency, justice and equality are shared by all.

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GPH Earth Day Symposium: A Panel Discussion on Climate Action and Resilience in the Age of COVID-19

Representatives from the New York League of Conservation Voters, FXB USA, and NYU GPH gathered on Earth Day to discuss the urgency and immediacy of addressing the two major crises of our time – COVID-19 and climate change – using science.

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Through the COVID-19 Magnifying Glass: An Examination of Racial and SES Disparities in the United States

This lecture series explains COVID-19 through a racial equity lens in four parts – its scientific basis and monitoring, current efforts to end inequity, the importance of putting it in socioeconomic and racial context, and how we should tackle COVID-19-related disparities.

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Collaboration in Crisis: The U.S. without the W.H.O.

Experts from NYU, Johns Hopkins, and the American Public Health Association discussed the importance of the WHO in providing information and supporting globalism and the political and scientific dangers of withdrawing from it.

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Police Brutality and Reform Through a Public Health Lens

Experts from NYU GPH, Emory, and Columbia explained police brutality in the context of its impacts on physical and mental health and its relation to collective trauma, and discussed the actions we can take to dismantle oppressive systems.

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What's At Stake? A Hispanic Heritage Month Conversation with Dr. Oxiris Barbot

Ana F. Abraído-Lanza and Oxiris Barbot discuss the disproportionately high impact of COVID-19 on Latinos, the institutional, cultural and socioeconomic factors contributing to this, and the need to reform government practices and public policy to better support this community.

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The Social Dilemma: Ethics of Technology and Its Impact on Public Health

The team behind The Social Dilemma visits NYU GPH to talk about the social responsibility of tech companies and the importance of creating a shared sense of truth to prevent misinformation.

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Salon Series: A Conversation with Steve Davis, Cheryl Healton, & Blessing Omakwu

Dr. Cheryl Healton, Steve Davis, and Blessing Omakwu discuss recent trends of social activism, the importance of social innovation in underserved communities, and how to effectively incorporate decolonization and equity into activism.

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Event names

William C. Stubing Memorial Lecture: Death with Dignity Laws

Dr. Amy Gutmann and Susan Dentzer discuss how “democratic deliberation” can facilitate the respectful discussion of topics such as physician aid-in-dying, vaccinations and universal health coverage.

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NYC Epidemiology Forum

This event was a forum for students and epidemiologists working in the New York City area to network, present their work and discuss opportunities for future collaborations.

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Zero Hunger Cooking Challenge

This event addressed the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #2: achieving food security, ending hunger, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

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Planetary Health Forum: Emerging Infections & Climate Change

This collection of expert discussions and presentations on planetary health demonstrated the far-reaching impact of climate change on public health, ranging from its influence on malaria eradication to psychosocial stress.

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"After Rikers: Justice by Design" Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Experts discuss the ongoing effort to close Rikers and transition to smaller prisons, analyzing how this will propel criminal justice reform and considering the impacts of this transition.

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2018 Events

A Health and Human Rights Dialogue on the Refugee and Migration Crisis

NYU GPH hosted its Third Annual Health and Human Rights Dialogue on March 26th and 27th in partnership with HealthRight International and colleagues at La Pietra/NYU Florence.

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