The School of Global Public Health offers its undergraduates a wealth of resources to enhance their academic experience outside the classroom. 


GPH Undergraduate Funding Opportunities

Summer programs and passion projects are instrumental ways through which GPH students have taken their learning outside of the classroom, but they can also be expensive. The GPH Office of Undergraduate Programs has created the following funding opportunities to support GPH students as they enrich and expand their academic experience while also supplementing their professional journeys. 

Undergraduate Public Health Diversity Traineeship Award

The GPH Office of Undergraduate Programs is pleased to offer a competitive, need-based, traineeship award to encourage diverse, GPH undergraduate students to participate in and/or study public health issues through an established summer program. Students must be accepted into a summer program of their choice (within or outside of NYU). This award can be used towards transportation, lodging, program fees, and other relevant expenses. 

Undergraduate GPH Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Microgrant Program

The GPH Office of the Undergraduate Programs is pleased to announce the Undergraduate GPH Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Microgrant Program. The goal of the program is to support undergraduate, student-led projects and initiatives that have a public health and DEIJ focus within the following categories: 

  • Activism and Advocacy
  • Community Service
  • Inclusion through Arts
  • Research
    • Suitable for students interested in conducting an independent study exploring public health and DEIJ issues on campus. However, it is important to note that some research projects may require IRB approval.

Award Recipients

Past award recipients represent a variety backgrounds, interests, and co-majors in GPH. Learn more about them below.


Undergraduate Public Health Diversity Traineeship Award

Emeryc Sogbossi | GPH/Anthropology

Emeryc Sogbossi is senior at New York University, currently studying Public Health and Anthropology with a Chemistry minor on the Premedical track. His experience with healthcare in Bénin has fueled his aspiration to become a physician scientist. His consequent plans involve reducing the healthcare gap between Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries and the U.S through modernized infrastructures and integrated public health frameworks.

Julia Antwi-Boasiako | GPH/Sociology

Julia Antwi-Boasiako is a rising senior at NYU. She has a combined major in Global Public Health and Sociology and a minor in Bioethics (also aiming for a minor in chemistry). She recently embarked on the pre-med journey, so she is hoping to obtain a dual MPH/MD degree after undergrad. Her current interests in public health are social determinants of health, epidemiology, and community health. As an aspiring physician, her goal is to employ resources such as training of nurses and community education to increase healthcare equity and access in low income countries and communities. Outside of school, she enjoys going to concerts, brunch, and shopping. 

Riva Chaudri | GPH/Applied Psychology

Riva Chaudri is a senior at NYU majoring in Global Public Health: Applied Psychology and minoring in Anthropology. She is currently on the SAFE Spaces team at NYU Steinhardt’s RISE Lab where she researches the setting-level characteristics and processes that occur in child welfare settings and explores their association with outcomes for youth and staff. This work has inspired her aspiration to become a Public Health scientist, specifically focusing on mental wellness. She hopes to make a positive impact on not only New York City, but the world.

Undergraduate GPH Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Microgrant Program 

Assitan (Assiy) Traore​ | GPH/Sociology

Assitan (Assiy) Traore is a Junior at CAS studying Global Public Health and Sociology with a minor in Chemistry on the premed track. Her current public-health-related research interests include equitable access to care for marginalized communities and health interventions to better health outcomes for those communities. In addition, Assiy is interested in maternal and child health, and the mental health of underrepresented communities such as Black women within the US. Assiy is an aspiring physician who wants to incorporate advocacy and creative multimedia into her work. She enjoys going to restaurants with friends in her free time, exploring cosmetology, drawing/visual arts, and watching shows/movies.



Undergraduate Public Health Diversity Traineeship Award

​Esofi Nunyi | GPH/Sociology

Esofi Nunyi is a senior at CAS studying Global Public Health and Sociology with a minor in Chemistry on the premed track. Her current public-health related research interests include equitable access to care and health outcomes. Additionally, Esofi is interested in maternal and child health. Esofi is an aspiring physician, advocate, and public health scientist. In her free time, Esofi enjoys trying new foods, exploring, reading, and going for walks. 

Michaela Greenlee | GPH/Sociology

Michaela Greenlee is a junior at NYU majoring in Global Public Health and Sociology with a minor in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Studies. She aspires to attend graduate school for a MPH and eventually a PhD in Social & Behavioral Public Health. Her research interests include studying how to mitigate the burden of unfavorable social determinants and health disparities, such as improving mental health access and combating food insecurity among low-income and racial/ethnic minority groups. Michaela hopes that her research experiences will help ultimately prepare her to pursue a career as a public health professor. 

Shanelle Bhajan | GPH/Biology

Shanelle is a senior at NYU majoring in Global Public Health and Biology on the pre-med track. Shanelle is currently performing research on Cannabis Usage and Hypertension Endpoint with Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health. In the future, Shanelle plans to become a physician and still indulge in her passion for public health by working with underserved communities to improve health disparities that particularly impact minorities/communities of color. Outside of her academic interests, you can find her at the gym or trying a new restaurant! 

Public Health Programs and Opportunities

Complied lists of external undergraduate and post-baccalaureate public health programs can be viewed below. 


External Public Health Opportunities

Public Health Summer Programs

Disclaimer: Any links to external websites and/or non-NYU information provided in the documents are provided as a courtesy to site visitors and/or enrolled students. They do not signify an affiliation nor endorsement by NYU.

Global Scholarships

The Office of Global Programs offers multiple funding opportunities to help make a semester or year studying at an NYU global location more affordable. 

Global Pathways Scholarship

Students who are approved to study away by the Office of Global Programs and have a FAFSA or CSS Profile on file are automatically reviewed for the Global Pathways Scholarship. This need-based award grants eligible students up to $4000 per semester to cover the costs of studying abroad.

Global Programs Administered Awards

A select number of students who study abroad for a semester at one of NYU's global locations may receive awards and scholarships of up to $3000. Awards are determined based on the student's academic record, program selection, and need as reported by the Office of Financial Aid. Preference is given to students who submit by the regular deadline. 

Plan Ahead with Global Programs

Throughout the semester NYU Global Programs will offer in-person workshops for financial planning and scholarship essay writing. An online module detailing funding opportunities will also be provided. For more information, email

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

The Gilman Scholarship Program offers funding for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in study abroad programs. The program provides awards of up to $8000 for undergraduate students who are US citizens already receiving a Federal Pell Grant as part of their tuition package. For more information, contact your NYU Gilman rep at

Gilman-McCain Scholarship

The Gilman-McCain Scholarship offers study away scholarships of up to $5000 to US undergraduate students who receive any type of Title IV federal financial aid and are child dependents of active duty service members of the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, or Coast Guard. For more details, please email

Undergraduate GPH Healthright Traineeship Award

The Office of Undergraduate Programs is pleased to offer a competitive, traineeship award to global public health combined major students participating in the HealthRight Internship Program (HIP). This award will be given to students who have demonstrated a commitment and/or strong interests in advancing public health practice in resource poor communities. The award will cover all international travel expenses (air and ground transportation, meals and hotel accommodations).

Summer 2023

Amitra Hoq

Amitra Hoq | GPH/Biology

Amitra Hoq is a third year student at NYU studying Global Public Health and Biology with interests in biological sciences and international relations, and thus has found the intersection between the fields within global public health and development and aid. She has done research and development in nutrition and diabetes in Bangladesh, long covid and comorbidities, and ARDS patient-ventilation interactions. At NYU Langone, she does research in developing immunotherapy treatments for COVID-19, HIV, and cancer. At NYU she sits on the GPH Student Council, and contributes to Medical Dialogue Reviewers and IR Insider. 

Niouma Semega

Niouma Semega | GPH/Sociology

Niouma Semega is a rising senior at NYU studying Global Public Health and Sociology as an aspiring public health practitioner. She is a CEO of her own founded non-profit SemegaChange, a developing empire of Black and women of color in STEM cultivating change through projects and businesses. She is a past Victoria Secret's PINK GRL PWR Project Winner in the Sustainability Category. A 2023 Emerging Leader at NYU's School of Global Public Health where she delivered a talk on Environmental Health Disparity and investing in LMICs. She recently was awarded 1st Place at the 35th Annual CSTEP Conference for her novel invention that extracts pollutants from bodies of water she has developed in the past 6 years! She hopes to expand and continue her research in current projects like; "EPA Monitoring Disparity" and "Open Burning in Kphone, Ghana", "Health Effects of Climate Change in Uganda", to continue to improve public health to prevent diseases and illnesses that stem from environmental factors.

Rachel Wu

Rachel Wu​ | GPH/Media, Culture, and Communication

Rachel Wu is a rising third year at New York University majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and Global Public Health. She is particularly interested in the intersection between public health, communications, and data. At NYU, she works at the NYU GPH Office of Undergraduate Programs and Office of Communications. She is also a member of NYU Polygeia, Applied Global Public Health Initiative, and Evidence to Global Impact Lab. Intersecting global public health with media, Rachel has worked on various health media campaigns such as the #CountingEveryone campaign to highlight the importance of civil registration and vital statistics in Kenya and Cambodia, and Vea lo que los ojos no pueden ver (“See what the eyes cannot see”) to promote regular eye checkups in Argentina. 

Susan Huang

Susan Huang​ | GPH/Sociology

Susan Huang is a junior majoring in GPH/Sociology with a minor in public policy and management. She was born and raised in Guangzhou, China—a beautiful southern city with blossoming flowers all year long. She attended high school in the U.S. in Ohio and started her journey to explore the cultural similarities and differences between people across the world in health management and started a health and wellness club. Stemming from the discussions and activities in the club, she realized health is a cross-cultural notion valued by individuals with various backgrounds and cultural practices. She became passionate about exploring ways to provide people with consistent health management on a daily basis. At NYU, she was one of the 2022-2023 GPH Emerging Leaders. With her team member, she developed a poliovirus management app prototype. She is also a co-president of the community and career development at the Chinese Students and Scholars Organization. She held a Socratic seminar on the topic of mental health and career development in 2021. Besides, she am also a recipient of the DURF research grant on the topic of social justice and maternal and child health. Outside of NYU, she worked at a research foundation focusing on promoting the formulation and implementation of child development policies in China during the summer. Her project explores effective measures to prevent high-risk pregnancies, reduce birth defects rate and improve maternal and newborn health through interventions during the period from pregnancy to 6 months postpartum in Bijie, China.

Valentina Duron

Valentina Duron | GPH/Applied Psychology

Valentina Duron is from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is a rising senior majoring in Global Public Health and Applied Psychology and minoring in Anthropology. Her biggest public health interests are epidemiology and health policy. She is really interested in looking at health from a global perspective. She first wanted to understand humans, in order to make a difference in a health system that is made to serve and improve their quality of life. She hopes to take her understanding of human behavior, culture and human societies and use them to take action and advocate for equitable and quality care globally.