Bioethics Minor

Bioethics is the interdisciplinary study of ethical issues arising in health care, the biological sciences, and emerging technologies. Scientific advancements and rapid technological change result in — and hence require — a range of difficult ethical decisions, and it is vital that people are equipped to think clearly and critically about the social, moral, and political issues involved. 

The bioethics minor is intended for students with a wide variety of academic interests and career goals. It is particularly suitable for those pursuing careers in medicine, public policy, law, bioengineering, the life sciences, public health, journalism, and philosophy. Courses will address foundational moral questions concerning life in all its forms together with specific case studies.

The Bioethics minor consists of four courses - two required courses and two electives chosen from the list below (16 credits total).

Required courses:

UGPH-GU 15 Introduction to Bioethics (4)
UGPH-GU 25 Public Health Ethics (4)

Electives (students select two):

UGPH-GU 26 Ethics and Clinical Practice (4)
UGPH-GU 22 Introduction to Neuroethics (4)
UGPH-GU 70 Justice and Health (4) 
UGPH-GU 28 Ethics and Identity: Disability, Gender, and Race (4)
UGPH-GU 85 Ethics and Research (4) 
UGPH-GU 36 Ethics and Technology (4)
UGPH-GU 32 Ethics and the Internet: Social Media, Big Data, and Fake News (4) 
UGPH-GU 42 Human Rights: Philosophical and Practical Issues (4)
UGPH-GU 24 Life and Death (4)
UGPH-GU 52 Medical Ethics (4)
UGPH-GU 95 The Ethics of Reproduction (4)
ANST-UA 400 Ethics and Animals (4)
ANST-UA 440/ ENVST-UA 440 Food, Animals and the Environment (4) 
PHIL-UA 4 Life and Death (4)
PHIL-UA 40 Ethics (4)
PHIL-UA 41 The Nature of Values (4)
PHIL-UA 50 Medical Ethics (4)
PHIL-UA 53 Ethics and the Environment (4)


Ready to Minor in Bioethics?

If you want to incorporate a bioethical perspective into your chosen major to enhance both your education as well as your marketability to employers and graduate schools, you can learn how to apply for the Bioethics minor here under the "Minor Application" section. If you have any additional questions, please contact Daniel Fogal, Director of the Bioethics Minor, at