Study Abroad


While the PhD in Public Health program has no formal study abroad requirement as part of its curriculum, GPH understands the importance of gaining real-world, global experience. That is why we offer numerous opportunities for intersession courses abroad that are open to all GPH students – including you!

What Are Intersession Courses?

Intersession courses are designed to bring students to one of NYU’s global campus sites to study a topic, both with NYU faculty and with faculty from the host university. Intersession courses are open to all GPH students, and they typically run for several weeks at a time.

An example of a very popular intersession course is taught by Perry Halkitis on the subject of HIV/AIDs research. The course takes place in London for a few weeks every January, and students gain a broader perspective on not only the perception of HIV/AIDS, but also the perception of what/who is a considered a "minority" population in diverse cultures.

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