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Because of ongoing disruptions to ETS testing centers around the world that are expected to continue, we are issuing a temporary blanket exemption to the GRE requirement for all fall 2020 applications to master's programs. As of now and until announced otherwise, the GRE is optional and not required for application to any of our master's programs for fall 2020. Fall 2020 coursework for our MPH and MS programs will also be made available entirely online for those who are unable to join us in person, whether due to COVID-19 related issues or any other reason.


Our application review process has not been disrupted and we continue to process applications and issue decisions according to our normal schedule. We are currently accepting fall 2020 applications to our master's programs. Our admissions staff are working and available to assist you during this time. Please use our online appointment scheduling system to make a telephone or virtual appointment with an admissions officer.  Please note that in-person appointments and class visits are currently suspended.

One of the best and most effective ways to really get a feel for what life is like at the School of Global Health is to come and visit our bustling campus in the heart of New York City. Make plans to come and see us today!

How to Visit with GPH

Although our offices are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still look forward to working with you personally!  You can: