How to Quit

Quitting tobacco is a challenging but achievable task. Most importantly, you don't have to do it alone. Talk to your healthcare provider – they will work with you side by side to give you better access to the support you need, including evidence-based treatments and counseling interventions. Learn more about why you should work with your healthcare provider to quit tobacco and how to search for a healthcare provider below. 

Why should I connect with a healthcare provider?

  • Going to a healthcare provider will double your odds of quitting tobacco.
  • A provider can help you find tools and resources specific to you that will help you quit tobacco. They can connect you with medication, counseling, and ongoing support to assist you in your quit journey. 
  • People who regularly visit a healthcare provider get more effective care and are more likely to live a longer, healthier life.

What type of doctor should I look for?

  • Your primary care provider (PCP) may be the provider you already visit the most and is likely the best equipped to help with your quit attempt. While many healthcare providers will be able to help support your tobacco quit attempt, PCPs are the healthcare providers who you would see for most of your medical care and therefore most familiar with your health history and individual needs. 
  • PCPs are also referred to as internists (specialize in the medical care of adults), family medicine practitioners (specialize in medical care for patients of all ages), and general practitioners (specialize in medical care for patients of all ages).
  • Behavioral healthcare providers are able to support your behavioral health needs and can also create a plan with you to help you quit.

What should I look for in a healthcare provider?

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is this healthcare provider someone who has experience with my health conditions?
  • Do I care about the gender of my healthcare provider? Should I search for a healthcare provider of a certain gender that would make me feel more comfortable?
  • Does this healthcare provider understand my cultural needs or background? Would I be more comfortable with a healthcare provider who speaks my native language?
  • Is the healthcare provider recommended or highly rated?
  • Is the healthcare provider available on short notice? How long will it take to get appointments?
  • Does this provider take my healthcare insurance?
Consider calling a healthcare provider you are interested in to answer some of your questions.

How can I get health insurance?

  • There are several ways to get healthcare insurance in New York State: through your employer, New York State MedicaidMedicare, or the New York State Marketplace.
  • If you are eligible for insurance through your employer, consider enrolling in their health insurance program. If the open enrollment period has closed, contact Human Resources to discuss your coverage.
  • People who are age 65 and older and those with certain disabilities qualify for Medicare. Click here to learn more.
  • People over 18 with low incomes, some pregnant women, and people with disabilities qualify for Medicaid. Click here to learn more.
  • The New York State Marketplace offers individuals and families who are not eligible for other types of plans health insurance options. Click here to find out more.

How can I find a healthcare provider?

  • If you are privately insured, go to your insurance provider’s website and use their “Find a Doctor” function to choose someone in-network. You can also call your insurer directly.
  • If you are enrolled in Medicaid, visit your PCP. If you have not yet been assigned one, check out New York State’s Medicaid Enrolled Provider Lookup search engine to find healthcare providers in your area that take Medicaid insurance.
  • If you are enrolled in Medicare, check out’s search engine to find healthcare providers in your area that take Medicare insurance.
  • Call the New York State Smokers’ Quitline to learn more about quitting and finding a provider in your area.
  • Ask your friends or colleagues if they have a healthcare provider they would recommend to you.

Looking to quit today?

Want support right from the comfort of your home? Call the New York State Smokers’ Quitline at 1-866-NY-QUITS or visit for free support, free resources, local programs, and tips on how to get free nicotine replacement therapy to start you on your tobacco free journey.

Resources to Help You Quit

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New York State Smokers Quitline

NYS Smokers' Quitline offers free services for tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery system users. Receive free coaching sessions with Tobacco Dependence Treatment specialists and up to a 4-week supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.
Click to Quit

Asian Smokers Quitline

The Asian Smokers' Quitline offers free telephone counseling, nicotine patches, self-help materials, and online support in four languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese) to help people quit smoking. 
Chinese: 1-800-838-8917
Korean: 1-800-556-5564
Vietnamese: 1-800-778-8440
Click to Quit offers text messaging programs, including a “practice quit,” smoke-free apps, help with building a quit plan, and tailored information for Veterans, Women, Teens, Spanish-speakers, and those Aged 60+. 
Click to Quit

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