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Fall Semester (10 Credits)Spring Semester (14 Credits)Summer Semester (9 Credits)
GPH-GU 1005 Advanced Introduction to Bioethics (3) GPH-GU 1006 Advanced Introduction to Environmental Ethics  (3) GPH-GU 3555 Bioethics Practicum (2 or 4)*
GPH-GU 1008 Topics in Bioethics: Reproductive Ethics (4) GPH-GU 2026 Neuroethics (4) GPH-GU 1165 Research Ethics (3)
GPH-GU 2080 Bioethics Mediation (3) GPH-GU 2222 Clinical Ethics (3) GPH-GU 1008 Topics in Bioethics: End of Life (4)
  PHIL-GA 2284 Contemporary Ethical Theory (4)  

NOTE: This is a sample sequence; electives may vary, as will credits.

Fall semester
Pre-requisites: none
Open only to graduate students in Bioethics

This seminar is intended to introduce students to the central methods and concerns of contemporary bioethics. We will consider topics including the grounds for respecting human (and other) life, the concepts of well-being and autonomy, decisions about future people, and justice in distribution of scarce medical resources. Students will develop familiarity with these concepts as well as the conventions and standards of bioethical debate.

Spring semester
Pre-requisites: none
Open only to graduate students in Bioethics

This course is a graduate level introduction to environmental ethics. Topics include the emergence of environmental ethics and its relation to traditional normative theories; animal ethics and the moral significance of sentience; the value of non‐sentient organisms and ecosystems; ethics of biological conservation and the value of species and biodiversity; wilderness; environmental justice; ecofeminism; the ethics of population and resource scarcity; sustainability and obligations to future generations; ethical dimensions of global climate change; and the ethics of environmental cost‐benefit analysis.

  • Five elective courses, from among courses in ethical theory, clinical ethics, legal and political philosophy, philosophy of biology and medicine, environmental law, health law, anthropology and sociology of medicine, health economics, public health, international and community health, health policy.

NOTE: For current students only; a slightly modified course of study will be forthcoming for prospective students.

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