Disseminating Project Findings

In addition to traditional methods of disseminating project findings (e.g., journal articles, conference presentations) researchers can also use following: 

Press Releases

Some findings may find a mainstream audience through a press release.

It is highly recommended that you contact a media relations or public relations specialist at your institution when a new publication has been accepted. A specialist can help develop a media strategy for the findings. Lead time is important in developing a strategy, thus submitting materials as early as possible is important. Cultivating additional outlets will increase the visibility of your findings to a mainstream audience.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter can be used by individual investigators or organizations to disseminate findings. Follow researchers and organizations who do similar work. Follow CDUHR  on Facebook (facebook.com/cduhr) and Twitter (twitter.com/cduhr_nyc).

Advisory Boards / Coalitions

Many projects have scientific advisory or community boards. These boards can widen one's network and provide information on additional dissemination outlets.