Common Budget Items

Direct Costs (DC) include:

  • Personnel - typically the largest expense in a budget. Calculate an individual's effort in calendar months or academic/summer months, make sure to include their fringe benefits. Individual institutions dictate the fringe benefit rate. For example at NYU WS, the fringe benefit rate is currently 31%
  • Consultants - budget at a daily rate
  • Graduate Assistants - paid at an hourly rate, plus fringe benefits
  • Subcontracts - Total costs (DC+IDC) are calculated as DC in the overall budget

OTPS (non-personnel expenses):

  • Conferences and domestic travel
  • Open access publication fees
  • Participant incentives
  • Space/storefront rental/site fees
  • Supplies
  • Software
  • Local travel (metrocards, staff travel)
  • Cell phones
  • For NIH grants, food costs are not allowed except if they are for meetings with participants
  • For NIH grants, alcohol expenses are prohibited

Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A)/aka IDC (indirect costs)

  • Institutions negotiate this rate with NIH, current rates can usually be found on an institution's sponsored research page, or if they are a member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership.