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Step into a realm of education, reflection, and action with our seminar series- an enlightening and transformative experience dedicated to unraveling the deeply rooted connections between racism and health inequities. This series serves as a catalyst for change, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between systemic racism and unequal access to healthcare while inspiring tangible steps toward creating a more just and equitable future.

Understanding Intersectionality: The seminar series explores the intersectionality between racism, social determinants of health, and healthcare inequities. By delving into the complexities of how race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and other identity factors intertwine to shape health outcomes, participants gain a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted challenges that marginalized communities face.

Expert Insights and Lived Experiences: Esteemed scholars take center stage, sharing their expertise, research findings, and personal narratives. These individuals are at the forefront of driving change, and their insights help attendees grasp the profound impact of systemic racism on health and well-being.

Confronting Uncomfortable Truths: The seminar series encourages candid conversations about the historical and contemporary injustices perpetuating health inequities. By acknowledging uncomfortable truths, participants are empowered to confront biases, unlearn harmful stereotypes, and recognize their role in promoting a more equitable society.

Equipping for Advocacy: More than just theoretical discussions, the seminars provide attendees with practical tools for advocating against racism and promoting health equity. Conversations on culturally sensitive care, community engagement, policy advocacy, and allyship empower participants to take meaningful actions within their spheres of influence.

Inspiring Collective Action: This goes beyond awareness; it inspires collective action. Participants are encouraged to collaborate, share resources, and develop strategies for effecting change within their organizations, communities, and policy environments. By fostering a sense of shared responsibility, the series sparks a movement toward dismantling systemic barriers to health.

Elevating Marginalized Voices: The voices and experiences of marginalized communities take center stage, guiding discussions and ensuring that those most affected by health inequities have a platform to be heard. This commitment to inclusivity reinforces the seminar series' mission of addressing health inequities at their roots.

Catalyzing Lasting Change: It is more than a seminar series; it catalyzes lasting change. By arming participants with knowledge, empathy, and actionable strategies, the series empowers individuals to become advocates, allies, and champions for a world where every individual can attain optimal health.

In a society striving for justice, our seminar series fosters a community dedicated to dismantling systemic racism and forging a path toward health equity. Join us in this transformative journey to dismantle inequities, amplify marginalized voices, and build a healthier, fairer future for all.

Check out our videos of past seminars and our list of upcoming seminars for Fall 2023! 

The Center for Anti-racism, Social Justice, & Public Health is hosted its inaugural annual symposium Racism and Social Justice in Public Health in March 2023. It commemorated the 20th anniversary of the seminal report "Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare," with a keynote presentation by Dr. Brian Smedley, who is among the inaugural class of Equity Scholars at the Urban Institute.

Mark your calendars for a transformative experience in 2024! Our Annual Symposium is a 2-Day symposium, spotlighting anti-racism in public health and the imperative task of dismantling health inequities. Our symposium is more than a gathering; it's a rallying point for thought leaders, advocates, practitioners, and community members committed to reshaping the landscape of public health through a lens of equity and justice.

Day 1

On the first day, immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of insights, research, and discourse that lays the foundation for understanding the deeply entrenched ties between racism and health inequities. Distinguished scholars and experts take the stage to unravel the historical roots, structural forces, and contemporary dynamics that perpetuate inequities. Through keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, participants will gain a comprehensive grasp of the multifaceted challenges faced by marginalized communities.

Key Themes and Takeaways:

  • Historical Context: Delve into the historical narratives that have shaped health inequities and the enduring impact of systemic racism on marginalized populations.
  • Social Determinants of Health: Explore the intricate interplay between race, socioeconomic status, education, housing, and access to quality healthcare.
  • Data and Evidence: Analyze the latest research findings, epidemiological insights, and data-driven perspectives on health inequities.
  • Community Voices: Elevate the experiences and stories of individuals and communities directly affected by health inequities, underscoring the urgency for change.

Day 2

Building on the groundwork laid on Day 1, the second day is dedicated to actionable strategies, pragmatic solutions, and collaborative efforts to dismantle health inequities and advance anti-racist practices in public health. Attendees will participate in a keynote panel and a keynote address culminating the key themes of Day 1 while empowering attendees to become catalysts for meaningful change.

Key Themes and Takeaways:

  • Culturally Competent Care: Gain practical tools for providing healthcare that is culturally sensitive, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of diverse populations.
  • Policy Advocacy: Learn how policy initiatives can drive systemic change, address root causes, and promote health equity.
  • Community Engagement: Explore successful community-based interventions that bridge gaps in healthcare access and promote wellness.
  • Allyship and Collaboration: Foster partnerships, allyship, and cross-sector collaboration to amplify the impact of anti-racist initiatives.

A Call to Action and Reflection

The symposium concludes with a networking reception, where attendees are invited to reflect on their learnings, discuss tangible steps, and join a network of change-makers dedicated to advancing equity in public health. This gathering isn't just an annual event; it's a launchpad for sustained efforts that will resonate within communities and institutions, propelling us toward a future where health inequities are eradicated, and all individuals enjoy the right to optimal health.

Check out more information on our annual symposium.