Our Mission

Woman presenting in front of an audience

The Center for Anti- racism, Social Justice and Public Health is committed to our three-pronged mission: 

  1. Scholarship in the Service of Impactful Change - To translate research into policy, practice, and action and to increase diversity among researchers, policymakers, and public health practitioners. The center is solutions-focused, using stakeholder-engaged, community-driven research approaches with an emphasis on translational and intervention science. The center will achieve this goal through the following: 
  • An annual symposium 
  • Quarterly seminars and training sessions 
  • Scientific Communication and dissemination of research findings 
  • Increase research and data literacy among community health stakeholders
  1. Forge transdisciplinary research collaborations - To bring together the best minds from multiple disciplines to examine how persistent racism manifests in the social and political determinants of health that contribute to the poor health of Blacks and other people of color. The center will achieve this goal through the following:
  • Connecting and supporting NYU faculty whose research, practice, and/or teaching is related to anti-racism, social justice, or public health to form a robust and interdisciplinary roster of scholars affiliated with the center.
  • Pilot project and supplemental grants to launch and advance promising and important scholarly research, with a focus on collaborative, multidisciplinary investigations into racism-related public health issues.
  • Visiting Scholars Program that will bring diverse scholars working on social justice/public health issues to GPH for one to three years. Scholars will teach one course per year and conduct research—for which they will receive pilot funding—on the impact of racism on health inequities. They will present the results of their research at the annual center symposium.
  • Enhancing the infrastructure for community-academic partnerships that will train community health stakeholders and academic researchers on community-engaged, community-based and community-driven research approaches and host networking sessions to foster collaborations and forge community- academic research partnerships. 


  1. Stakeholder engagement and partnership development for a community-driven translational research agenda - To build community expertise and generate evidence-based public health strategies for successfully reducing the levels of racism-related illness and premature death among BIPOC communities. The center will achieve this goal through the following:
  • Summer internship program for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.
  • Other pathway programs from middle school through the post-secondary level are aimed at students from communities of color, with the goal of increasing diversity in public health-related professions.
  • Dedicated and fully funded postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students.

The efforts of our mission will expand public awareness of racial inequities in health, increase the political will to address racial inequities in health, develop concrete, practical strategies and policies that can bring about significant long-term change. Our efforts will also utilize research findings to build a groundswell of public opinion that recognizes the depth and breadth of racism across American society—and demands serious, lasting solutions.